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Flight pattern of a Mom. An essay.

  “Some people would look at that and be embarrassed” I was silent. I looked over my piece hanging on a wall, what did I miss?   “Really? What would I have to be embarrassed of?” “Some would look at that and think you wasted your life” Oh… so we are not talking about my design now, are we. A few years ago I wanted to fine tune my art knowledge and design skills so I went back to my local community college to hang with the youths. I enjoyed everything about being back in a classroom setting. I love to learn, I especially love critique sessions. I was particularly proud of this project, we were to take data and create a visual design out of it. I have always loved the swooping, loopy lines of flight pattern maps, coupled with a blueprint layout and color scheme and this is what I came up with.. Even now six years later I look at this piece and am impressed with myself, lol.   We were often asked to defend our work. So when I tacked my rough draft to the board at the back of the classroom

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