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5 Things

 5. During the height of the pandemic, Shadrach called me, "Mom, I am listening to a podcast and you HAVE to give it a try." Shad doesn't recommend things to me very often, plus I had countless hours of home projects and no particular place to go... Shad's recommendation turned into a life-changing introduction, to a man I now refer to as... My boyfriend Darryl Cooper.  If you love long-form podcasts, crave unbiased history, and really just generally want your worldview to be rocked entirely may I suggest the Martyr Made Podcast .  Start with episode #11...  Write me a thank you note later.  4. Does anyone still read around here? Another thing that has recently fallen out of fashion. As a society we have all developed a bit of ADHD ( I am not saying this to diminish the diagnosis) It's hard to sit down on concentrate on anything that is not in Tikky Tok form... I encourage you to take some time to work on that part of your brain again. Some fantastic reads I have

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5 Things

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