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A mile in her shoes

How does that quote go?  Something like..

"You can tell a lot about a man by the condition of his shoes"

I looked down at my very raggedy boots and a bit of shame sorta crept up my neck.

Over shoes.

I've only had them a few years and they are seriously trashed. The heel is peeling and worn down, leather scratched, toes scuffed.

(Shouldn't a woman of a certain age take care of her shoes)

(or herself?)

(don't tell me it didn't cross your mind)

I do a little flashback in my mind..

Climbing through bushes, down banks, through fields, water, rocks, train tracks, churches and city streets doing what I love the very best.. walking along side the people I'm blessed to call friends, family and clients.

I have literally walked through the bottom of my paint splattered Birkenstocks.  This makes me think of summer, the very best of seasons.. the paint, of a much harder time.. the selling of our sweet little house.

Bitter sweet.

Just like life.. a little bit of suga…

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