A Boho girl at heart..

I have sooo many little projects brewing!

Just to name a few..

An upcoming FABULOUS vintage inspired show..

A bus trip of a lifetime
to The Farm Chicks..

AND a creative weekend away with a few of my favorite peeps in the whole wide world (pinch me!)

It kinda makes me feel a little gypsy..a little bit wanderer..

able to follow my whimsy anywhere I please.

Of course this is HARDLY my reality..no my reality is a mini-van, basketball practice and making lunches for four children every single morning..but remember its the little things.

As far as the creative weekend away?? Here are just a few of the little lovelies I have to look forward to. Oh did I mention that YOU could look forward to them too??

Come on..

I hear your inner Boho girl calling...


Anonymous said…
Nice, nice...so nice!
*I'll mention it here that we already have Boho Girls coming from Washington (of course), Montana & Oklahoma! Wow! too much fun

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