"It takes a village."

Really I think this just might be one of the only things Hilary Clinton ever said that I totally agree with.

You know what, she was dead on.

Today I sit in retrospect on the village that has helped me raise my children.

It started right out of the gate with my own parents. It's known fact that Hammy was more excited for those babies than I EVER was. The church nursery workers who always felt bad when I had to pick Dylan up for the 10th time due to biting. Deb S comes to mind as a Sunday School teacher who has always had the patience of a saint, did not balk when Shad had to be rushed to the E.R. for stitches (who gets stitches in Sunday school?). Teenage boys who were not too cool to hang out with Kindergartners. Pastor Ben with candy for bible verses and high-fives and hugs. Lauren our saint of a babysitter, those years would have been BRUTAL without your ability to accept slave wages for a very honest days work. Commander Greg his heart for my boys always surprised me, I mean I have to love them..they are you do, why?? Nicole, hours of Kingdom Hearts, just because. Randal the sweet hippy guy, you were the only person to talk to my boys for months at their new school.
Trish, always open to giving my daughter much needed girl time, I'm not so good at that. Karl, a small group leader who watched this very emotional Momma cry over her children's home sickness and replied with sweet smile saying he will pray for them..and he really did. Jeff G, taking the boys out for dinner and not getting irritated when they asked for sushi. C.J. I'm sure Dylan deserved that karate chop to the neck..really. Andrew, who my children WORSHIP and I think he just might understand the real accountability this brings. Miss Ally the Montessori teacher that held my children accountable for their actions AND beliefs even though her beliefs were different. Miss Elaine, so many hours devoted to mine and many other children who did not necessarily want to be in this years musical. David S..Silas adores you..don't mess up!!

I wish I could look at what my children are today and take credit for all the good stuff (the bad parts are all Zach's fault). I really can't, I look at my children today and thank my Creator for all of the incredible people he has placed in my life. People who have been willing to come along side Zach and I, and help us do this thing we call parenting..cuz's stinking hard.


Wendy Girl said…
I think the only thing I contributed was, Screeming when Silas was choking... I couldnt save him, cuz I was frozen in a panic... But, I did call for help...
You gave sis her balance and coordination :)
Love ya..
Lateda said…
Amen to that statement!
I LOVE taking Sis and giving her a "girl house" to enjoy! Ditto to you my friend... You have been right beside me in the same journey of parenting..
I am just as thankful to you.
Anonymous said…
:-)!'re right, it's a job WAAAAAY too big to ever want to handle completely on our own!
Anonymous said…
p.s. I truly love your kids!
Random Thoughts said…
Hilary was right on that one. Your post took me back to everyone who had input with my kids, back when they were kids. It is one of the best parts of being a believer, the love we all show to each others kids and what a privilege it is.
Glad to be part of your kids village...just don't send me the dental bill...Pastor Ben
Anonymous said…
honestly, I was thrilled just to watch your kids... I probably would have done it for free if you asked :)You have no idea how privileged I feel to be a part of your extended family - I consider you to be one of the most important people in my life!!

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