Famous person post..

I've already done my 'deep thoughts' style post. Today I will shamelessly show you pictures of myself with a few famous people. I will also TRY to refrain from self destructive comments about my double chin..oh shoot, see I just can't help myself.

Ree Drummond!! The question of the day is..Where is Amber looking?? There must have been someone MORE famous standing behind the photographer (as if!). I asked her if her face hurt from smiling so much, because really she had worn that beautiful smile all stinking day long. She said no, it is easier for her to smile, rather than frown. I liked her, and she kinda side hugged me, it felt cozy:)

Ahh Mary Jane Butters. I told her I cried during her entire talk, she asked me why. Then I could not properly articulate myself,(I should send her this link) so I'm sure I sounded stupid, but thats ok because she also came in for the side hug..see?? It also felt cozy. Gosh I like these types of famous people

Then there is Miss Elaine with Mary Jane and her daughter Meg. There is just too much sweetness in this picture, it kinda makes my fillings hurt:)

Lastly here is Miss Elaine and myself glamin it up..(see I'm standing by the
"A" and she is by the "E", she came up with that idea..I'm pretty sure I could not think of something so..cheesy..oh I mean clever)

You will be shocked to know that I had on a black skirt/sweater/leggings/tights/undies/bra/fingernail polish combo..

Another shocker??

Random homeless men wanting to pose in pictures with silly ladies...see how Miss Elaine thinks it's funny?? How I do not? Well, at least my double chin is not as noticable.

Good times dear reader..good times.


Lateda said…
yah.. do you see what letter is there in between?the A, and the E? a T... a T for you know who.... I wish I would have been invited. {as if!}
Anonymous said…
Too much fun...ya, since Trish wasn't with us we found a quick substitute! ;-)
Amber Strehle said…
HA!! Trish..I did not even NOTICE that..yes I guess we had a spot there for you and all..so nice of the guy to step in for ya..LOL!!
Lifes Delish said…
looks like you had a great time. wish my phone wasn't about to die so we could of chatted longer. will call soon. miss you!
Beth E-R said…
You do side hugs with famous people really well! An absolute natural at it. I'm so glad you had a terrific time at the Creative Connection.

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