Bring it back!!!

So what causes writers block? Well this morning as my eyes flickered awake at 5 am, I figured out the answer. I have not been able to post anything for 2 weeks. Not even the newest issue of MaryJanes Farm Mag could inspire me. I mean for those of you who know me, not having anything to say is really not an Amber problem!! Every time I sit down in front of my computer I realize that "it" is not coming to me. What is "it"? For me, my "it" is creativity.
And frankly I believe that my creativity has been stolen.
You see a stay home mom (me) has many things on her plate. I could write a 5 page blog on just what it is that I do around here alone. In my life right now, blogging is a luxury. I enjoy blogging, it really does seem to fulfill me in some way. But let's face it, it is not necessary. It is not required, my life can go on without it. When life starts moving at such a rapid pace, the only things that get done are the necessary.
Feed the husband, kids, pets.
Clean the bathroom, kid's room, kitchen. Mop the _____ floor.
Drive to school, church, doctor, practice. You get the point.
So when I finally have that very rare moment to sit down and decompress, my creativity is gone.
I must have left it at my daughters cheerleading practice when I suggested that they put a different color of ribbon in their hair this week. How sad.
I know a week in Cabo with my husband and a suitcase full of books would get it back, but that is not an option. I need it here on my nice quiet road, with my dreamy husband and 4 wonderful children.
I need to make it happen before the wonderful children grown up and the dreamy husband needs viagra.
Next time you go out, could you please look for my creativity? I seemed to have lost it somewhere between marriage and motherhood.
I am willing to give a nice reward, I sure miss it.


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