Swappy Ladies Rejoice!!

It's time to get your swap on!
First off..I have to say that the spring swap was sooo much fun!! I feel like everyone way out did themselves and I received tons of positive feedback!! It was neat to see all of the ladies different interpretations of the spring criteria..cool stuff.

Secondly..This swap is not about spending a bunch of money..in fact it is the exact opposite, we want to see how awesome you can be and how little you can spend, so use your imagination and HAVE FUN!!

And before we get to the good part..PLEASE don't hesitate to call/email me if you have a question (or even if you don't know what I'm talking about) I want as many people as possible to become Swappy Ladies and if you are having a hard time or need info on your gal PLEASE contact me!!!

Here is the fall challenge..I'm excited!!

#1 Repurpose a gently (or totally trashed) used item, something you find at a garage sale, thrift store or even your cupboard. Have a big box oh stuff sitting in the garage? Go through and see what you can find, then think outside the box. Have a old picture frame? Why not paint it up slap some cute scrap paper in it and call it art! Canning jars?? A trip to the craft store and bingo you have some fabulous fall soy candles. Old table cloth? Why not make it into a cute pillow for your bed or sofa? The point is to take something that has served it's purpose already and save it from the land fill!

2.One fallish type item..pick something that reminds you of fall, could be a cute pumkinish item, a bunch of fall leaves, a poem?. Any little thing your swappy heart's desire!! (And remember your swappy lady will love hearing about why that particular item reminds you of fall)
Don't spend a ton of cash and use your imagination! Remember we are not out to spend it up, we are out to be frugal and bless a fellow crafter on the way!
The fine print..
-Please register to zstrehle@hotmail.com by September 19th I will need your shipping address at this time as well.

-You have one month to complete your swap item, I will draw names on the 20th and you should have your person no later than the 22nd.
-All items must ship no later than October 22nd.

-Remember you might have to ship this item (as far as Texas y'all) so keep it compact.

-PLEASE PLEASE don't sign up if you are not going to be able to complete the swap.


**Also I'm looking for some graphic design at a low cost (like almost free) I want a "button" made for my blog. It's like free advertising!..put the word out**


Anonymous said…
Finally! My brain is on overload from so many swampy, uh, I mean swappy ideas! By the way, since I do consider myself to be an expert, y'all. amy
Anonymous said…
I'm on my way over to your e-mail to register...gotta get the mind to kick in here! Have a fabulous, swappy-kind-of-a day. p.s. I am absolutely a graphic artist wannabe, but so far from it.
Lateda said…
(jumping up and down screaming!)
Im SOO excited! cant wait!Count me in!
Satsuki Rebel said…
I agree, this is exciting. What a fun (and easy) swap!
Tammy said…
Woohoo! Sounds like lots of fun! I'm in. On my way to email you. Love this swapping stuff! ;D Tammy
Yarni Gras! said…
count me in.......I'm hosting one too! I think I'm obsessed.........
Miss Charity said…
I'm in...already have ideas floating around up there...can't wait!
Timi said…
I'm in! I just sent my e-mail wanting a spot if there are still openings.

As far as your graphics.....check with Amber at Shabeechickdesigns.com She does great work and is super reasonable. Tell her I sent you. You can also get her through my blog.
Tuli said…
I just signed up!

(Sorry, this is my second comment, the first time I accidently hit "Anonymous" before hitting prior to "publish". I moused a bit too fast that time!)
Rambling Girl said…
Just found you through Michelle at Country Vintage. I am new to blogging and just entered my first swap. Robin's Nest is hosting the stocking swap so this is real neat to me. Gotta add you to my favorites and maybe I can catch your next swap. This one sounds like lots of fun.

mama said…

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