Inspiration and a cup of joe..

As an photog wanna-be I'm constantly looking for inspiration. Just tonight when I was sitting down to a dinner of angel hair pasta with a lovely red sauce and fresh picked (i just reached down and plucked it out of the pot) basil, I found inspiration. I had this urge to run and get the camera, it was so pretty sitting on my plate in the sun..
but I was hungry and the pasta tasted so kept eating. question today dear reader is what is YOUR inspiration?? What is your "pasta in the sun" moment?? Here are a few more of mine.

-My kiddos
-Washington landscape
-Junking, thrifting and crafting
-Human emotion..raw
-The Anthropologie catalog (gets me every time)
-And soon to be added..Paris

These are some of the things that make me want to snap, snap, snap away:)

**EDIT** I'm not just talking about inspiration for taking photos..I'm talking about ALL sorts of inspiration**

Now.. here is what you need to do, share with us at least one (or as many as you would like) items of inspiration and you will be entered in a sweet give-away. If I draw your name on Friday (AFTERNOON) you will win a....

Thats right fine blog reader..a 5 DOLLAR STARBUCKS GIFT CARD!! Can you believe my generosity??? Seriously I'm so frickin awesome:) (yes this give-away will be delievered in a timely manner, no more large postage items for moi!)
Oh and if you want to enter another fricken awesome (really its much better than mine) give-away head on over to my new bloggy gf's blog, and let her know Tres Birds sent ya:)

Now comment away!!


Stephanie Reed said…
I like to capture

-once-in-a-lifetime shots
-funny coincidences
-anything in my flower garden
-clouds and weather

Have fun in Paris!

stef dot reed at gmail dot com
Lateda said…
Inspiration!! I love this subject!
~blogs~(by other people)
~Country living Mag
~road trips
~girlfriends(like you!, extra credit right there!!)
~and all the IMPORTANT woman and men that have had an influence on my life!
jeff said…
The things that inspire me
- a touch from my amazing wife
- an "i love you dad" from my boys
- great music
- good, thoughtful writers
- a scenic view
- sacrifice
- hard work
- kids making life changing decisions
- great parenting

Instead of the 5 bones, just fly us out for a visit.
Tamis said…
I just got the latest anthropologie catalog yesterday. I was so impressed. Besides finding a sweet shower curtain I wanted to go get my camera and take some pictures. It really is so much more than a catalog.

My other inspirations are much like yours kids, coffee, looking for lost treasures aka junking, driving with the windows down on a gorgeous day like today!

Have you checked out the islands yet? The ferry is a great kid adventure and the islands are beautiful. Friday Harbor is a great day trip. Orcas is my favorite for camping.

I have a question for you, do you know if a good farm share program in the area. I am looking without much luck. Thanks!
tinkerverve said…
Oh boy, where do I begin - life, nature, music, having the right elements available to create, color, texture, blogs, magazines, sweet - vintage goodness, friends, good food...generally sweet food, flowers, coffee - and more.....

...and I AM completely amazed at you generosity!
Wendy Girl said…
My Kids..
The fact that my daughter is going to be a Senior now...
When Colby kisses my forehead.
When My husband tells me he is proud of me for no reason.

The wind....I love the wind..
The silence of snow...
Miss Charity said…
What's inspiring to me...
*people who travel around the world
*people who homeschool their kids w/ success
*beautiful gardens
*all sorts of craftiness
*my girlfriends
*my husbands dedication to me & the kids
*my kiddos (just not today)
*everyday people doing extrodinary things
*my church family
*friends who go to Paris :)
(I'll get there someday!)
tinkerverve said…
...dictionary & thesaurus!
Doreen said…
Ohhh great giveaway! Love me some Starbucks!! :)

- Nature
- Kids
- Windows down on a beautiful day
- Music

purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com
I would say for me, it simply comes down to God and people I love. Those two drive everything else I live for and everything I choose to do!!!

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