Becoming Jane--Part 1

dLast night I went and saw Becoming Jane, the new movie about Jane Austen. I loved the movie, it was very well done, I even cried. Maybe you don’t know this about me but I don’t cry very much. Most of my friends have never seen me cry and my husband completely freaks out when I finally have my once a year cry. Although I do have to say that I have cried more in these past 5 months than I have in like 15 years.
What made me cry? It was not the story of love unable to be, it was not that Jane was so much better than her circumstances. Those are the predictable reasons to cry. The first time the tears flowed they were showing Jane’s childhood home in the English countryside.
Lush green lawn, pretty green trees, vines, woods with bushy undergrowth, the big garden and of course chickens scratching away. Right in front of me on the big screen was a little glimpse of the life I have lost.
The life that I have loved, a home that I held dear at the time, but never fully appreciated.
I never have been very nostalgic. I guess moving away from the home brings it out in me. I have always thought that trying to capture your past is a futile game. I have seen too many people wasting the present wishing they could go back. Maybe have the same Christmas they had when they were ten. Of course you can never recreate it, it never has the same effect and disappointment prevails.
Do I want to recreate my life in Washington? Well sorta, there are some things that I am very thankful for here… I am just not sure what they are yet :)
You know the Cheers theme song…Where everybody knows your name…and their always glad you came.. you get the point.
Nobody here knows my name and I never thought that it would matter so much. I know in time I will have friends who will laugh with me, share a meal with me, crash on my couch and don’t need to say a word. People that matter and people that I matter to.
All this..for only the cost of a movie.


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