Groundhog Day

Remember that movie?? 1993 (AWESOME YEAR!) Phil Conners is having the worst day of his life over and over again. It just won't stinking end.
It seems that everyday keeps repeating itself for me, not that it is the worst day of my life, but it is starting to feel that way. This is how I am currently living
Monday: Kid’s to school, which includes me getting up at 6:00 am making lunches, getting homework together, getting 3 kids up and ready and driving 20 minutes each way to drop the kiddos off at school. Then I get to come home to a hubby (day off) who is really bored, he might have cleaned up from breakfast but more than likely not. Since we live in a typical Arizona BORING/BEIGE/VANILLA bland home we don’t have a lot to do around the house.
I try and grocery shop and menu plan on Monday, it makes my really hard job of planning meals for the family even easier. Between getting laundry caught up from our really busy weekend (NOT) and scrubbing toilets soon it is time to pick the kidos back up from school (20 minutes each way). Then I get to wow my family with my culinary skills(see below) then clean up.

If I’m really lucky I can watch a scratchy re-run of Scrubs at 9:30.
Zach meanwhile has spent the majority of the day on the computer playing some game online in which he is constantly trying to “level-up” (Oh BTY he does this EVERY night).

Tuesday: Let’s see.. pretty much the same thing minus scrubbing toilets and Zach goes to work.

Wednesday: Hmm …oh yea…SAME although the boys go to church and I go to the Thrift Store!! I think maybe I should start hitting the bar on the way to mix things up a bit:)

Thursday; Same as Monday.. Including the toilets, you see I live with 4 men.

Friday: TGIF same as M-T the kids are in a better mood since they get to watch cartoons and play video games all weekend.

Saturday: Get to sleep in until 7 WHOOT WHOOT!! Kids pretty much play video games all day with some quick breaks to go outside and ride around in circles in our neighborhood. I might stir things up a bit and run to the grocery store if I want to cook something cool. (Hmm I wonder why I am gaining weight??)

Sunday: This is the day that we really mix things up… Go to church!! To a church so huge I have yet to see the same person twice (except leadership). Then if the checking account says it’s ok we might be able to go out to lunch!!

Oh yea and the only people that talk to me here in Arizona are my kids, so if you ever need any information on the High School Musical movies (I have every song memorized) or need a cheat on any video game ever made, including Wii games and X-Box 360 (yes we have both) then just ask.

I do have one tiny little confession… I have been crafting, and I do like it. So you will all be getting nifty presents for Christmas!! Oh and of course you all know how much time I spend on myspace.

So now do you understand why I'm going out of my mind?

Just remember when Zach has checked me into the looney bin, I used to be a semi normal person. I did have a life. I was FUN!! I was COOL!! and darn it people liked me.
And please don't forget to visit.


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