Sometimes she has a storm in her brain

This cute little quote from the Dish is sooo applicable to my life right now.
In fact I’m a little scared to blog for fear of reading this 6 months later and wondering what in the world I was rambling about.
My whirlwind trip back to Washington has changed my outlook on my current life so much it has got me in a tizzy, a complete tailspin of thoughts and revelations.
Isn’t it funny that matter how hard we fight it, how hard we try and control our lives and current situations God still has his way. I will spare you all of the gritty details, listed here are three words that keep popping into my noggin at 2-3 am in the morning.
I’m hoping that by writing them down they will quit bugging me.
I tried to make this as short as possible but for all of you who still like picture books, this might seem a little windy.

Embrace- Why are we as humans so occupied with the past? Seriously guys.. I know it makes us who we are today, but there are so many things that in no way we can change or do anything about, that’s the point, it is in the past.. behind us.
Now why can’t we PUT it behind us?
I loved my life in Washington, everything about it (well almost). I loved my home, my friends, my church and my small town. It is now not my home, my friends are continuing on with their lives (as they should!!), my church is surviving just fine without me and Sultan continues well… to be Sultan.
What if I wake up every morning and say..Oh my new home is not like my old one, my new church is… my new friends are not…
My new life would not begin. I will in turn become bitter, resentful and not at all thankful for all the things my Creator HAS provided. It will cloud my judgment regarding my current situation.
I’m now choosing to embrace my current situation and move past the past.

Compromise- I guess my true awakening with compromise started before I left for Washington, but while I was there it was just confirmed.
Do you think that a man just wakes up one day from his normal life and says to himself,
“Today I’m going to rob a bank.” No. For months and sometimes years he makes small everyday decisions that will later lead up the final big decision. By this time he has made so many little compromises to himself this one does not seem so bad.
(I know that this sounds terribly preachy, but you know I’m so right on this.)
To me compromise is completely motivated by things are that are not healthy. Compromise gets it motivation from such lovelies as;
fear, peer-pressure, vanity, insecurity, loneliness, and jealousy.
Wow that’s quite a list.
As the world around me seems to be getting more out of touch (I’m not just saying this on a Christian level) it seems easier to compromise our beliefs so we don’t stand out as much. Do I want to be the freaky lady down the street who the ladies of the neighborhood avoid?
No, but that goes right back to our friend insecurity, which in turn leads to compromise. Nasty little circle isn’t it?

Significance- This wonderful word has been a long time coming, more than likely my whole life. Is this not what we as humans are constantly searching for? This is what is at the root of the lucky people who get to take a year off to “find-themselves”.
Don’t we as Americans determine our significance by education, job, family connections, church attendance, church denomination, spouses (I can’t believe I’m married to this hot hunk of a man!!) children (yes), cars, and homes.
Now don’t misunderstand my meaning here, these things are not wrong.
I am asking you if they define you.
Then I will take this question one step further and ask then what does define you?
If your car is your significance in this world… well then hate to brake it to you.. your world is just a tad shallow.
Can you cling to your car in a time of crisis?
Who do you call when the tire goes flat??
I can honestly say that I wrapped my personal significance in things that pass, things that change and things that are all too human, too fleshy.
Am I never going to question my significance again? Hardly.. it’s only noon and I’ve already questioned it like 10 times, but right now at this very moment it is comforting to know that my true significance does not lie in anything that I can do, say, achieve, or purchase.
My significance lies with my Creator. What may I ask can top that?


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