Happy Birthday Sissy!

I can't believe it's been 8 years since I welcomed my 11lb "little" girl into this world!
Thanks to my sweet girl who makes each day just a little bit brighter!!
We love you Sissy!


Lauren said…
I wish I could have celebrated with you guys - I love that girl!

Hopefully she likes the gift I'm sending!
TinkerVerve said…
Cute cupcake. You do have a sweet, sweet little girl (young lady) and those 8 years have gone by too fast. Now that we live so far apart it seems that we probably took way too much for granted also, during those years. No regrets. It's all been good. Thanks for the heads-up at Craft Apple. What a fun treat! Have a great day.
TinkerVerve said…
Tag!...you're it. This one was a long time coming and it might be a while again! ;-) LoveYa
Anonymous said…
Looking for some inspiration...not finding anything new. ;-(
Anonymous said…
waiting patiently!

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