Christmas cards...check
Christmas presents...check
Teacher gifts...check
Last day of school...check
Possesions packed and on a truck to WA...check
Friends hugged, kissed,and wished all the best...check
Dog sweater purchased...check
Kids jacked up on Vitamin C to ward off sickness...check
SUV rental in place...check
Mom and Dad ready for a vacation in a tropical climate...double check

Flying into the worst snow storm in recent Washington State history...


Lateda said…
I cant WAIT until you get here!! :)
We may have no heat, but we can snuggle to keep warm:)
Wendy Girl said…
Yeeee Haaaaaa....
Here you come...
Anonymous said…
You are so funny - You should be in the air right now - I'm sending up prayers for safe travels and that landing, oh, that landing - it has to be my least favorite part of flying. Land safely!
Anonymous said…
Kinda crazy how you seem to be doing things backward. You moved to Arizona in the summer when it was too hot to go outside. Now you're back in WA when it's too cold to go outside. Gotta work on your timing. Think Karnie is still in denial. amy
Miss Charity said…
Your here! Now how about this weather...great isn't it? I'm with your gf Amy...your timing has got to get better. Can't wait to see ya'll...stay warm and safe :)
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I think it will hit me in about a month that you are actually gone, not just on a vacation, just in time for my post partum depression to set in, Feb and Mar should be fabulous months for me... Thanks, cuz it is after all all about me, right???? Oh it blows!!!!!!!
Lateda said…
Party Hardy with the DISH:)check.
Scream at the snow to stop! check.
Shopping at the mall. Check.
Eat lots of food! Check.
Kill our husbands. Check.

and we have soo much more to do!! :) Start a buisness, make some cupcakes, go get a massage at the spa, goodwill, Wally world... ahh.. we have a lifetime of fun together still!
Timi said…
OH MY GOD! The airports were horrible, travel anywhere was horrible. Did you get here ok? How was your trip? Did you arrive safe and sound? Do tell!

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