The List..

Nothing says "amber is having a bad day" quite like her sitting down with huge amounts of pasta..

You are soo jealous that Silas gets to dye Easter eggs know you have always wanted are also really coveting my Garfield and Strawberry Shortcake mugs..dream on, dream on.

Someone find the bunny that is responsible for this and shoot him, I have a hankering for rabbit stew.

10. Easter candy is from satan.

9. Easter ham is not.

8. As I get older I love going to church more and more. Easter Sunday is the entire reason we Strehle's go to church every week, love that.

7. Let's talk about this...

The Farm Chicks Antiques Show - June 5 and 6 at the Spokane Fairgrounds

I'm sooo going, and if you are not..well then you are sooo missing out.

Serena is hosting a KILLER give-away..hurry now!! Go check it out!!

What is she giving away?? A FREE ride on the Junk Bus!!

6. I miss spring break.

5. The chicks are doing good, so far I have not had to blow dry them again. Now Zach wants to get a goat, it sure is going to take me a long time to blow dry one of those..

4. Mommy Monday will be making it's return in May!! I have some super de duper Mommies lined up for inspiration..gosh I'm excited!!

3. Softball season is here again..I'm always really excited for it..till I see the schedule..then I realize softball and softball alone will be our world for 4 long months...sigh....

2. Here is a passive aggressive statement for my number one reader (my husband).

"Man I sure wish I had some new clothes for spring..boy oh boy...the last time I shopped I was leaving for Paris..that was a YEAR ago..I'm pretty sure the fashion police are going to show up on my door step at any minute." **sigh**

1. I relaunched a bigger and better and I started a new photog blog..go check em out!! Also stay tuned for a very fun Mothers Day project that you are soo gonna want to be a part of!! (Like really really) (Like check back everyday) (Especially Monday..hint..hint)


Anonymous said…
Love the new website...
Lori Nelson said…
LOVE the website!! Beautiful!!
Random Thoughts said…
The website is so beautiful Amber. I enjoyed just letting the pictures tell their stories. You are amazing. I was so happy to see you at church. I'm sorry I was so busy and I was trying to stay back as I was running a fever. Finally feeling better but the voice is gone. Also love the lists, keep them coming. I wasn't kidding about the book, they would be so interesting expanded.

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