What I was doing while not blogging.

I did not mean to take that whole month off from blogging, but I guess I did.


It just sort of happened, it's been a few years since I have gone this long without blogging, is anyone left??

If not, thats cool, I'm not offended really. I think I needed the break more than I realized, it was good.

Let me tell you all about my month off from blogging. Some pictures included. Some not. I have been a little bit bad about bringing my camera to important things lately..yes I know I'm a photographer and all..shhh.

December 4th
Help-Portrait. The event rocked my world. For some reason this year I felt very strong about it not being about me..like at all. So I kept the camera in the bag. My heart broke a few times that day. Watching a few of the clients get in front of the camera..you could see the fear, insecurity in their eyes, written all over their faces..it burdened me deeply to see someone so uncomfortable in their own skin. The beautiful part? Watching them finding self worth through a photo. Amazing.

December 6th
Bust out the decorations, sing and apply Christmas merriment to Roosevelt House. Kitch NEVER goes out of style (some might say it was never IN style, but I just dare you not to enter my house during December and not smile..lots!)

December 8th
Booked a round trip ticket to Nairobi Africa..12 days. I just received an email that said.."Start building up your thigh muscles for squatting now." Yes that would be squatting over the hole in the ground used for the toilet. I have so so soooo much to tell you about this trip..more coming soon.

December 6-12th
THREE different Christmas programs for the Strehle children.
The grand finale??
#4 PUKING all over the stage during Joy to the World.
Yup that happened. Yup that stuff only happens to us.
Just another confirmation that God put me on the earth for comic relief. Your welcome.

December 13-18
Make Christmas ornaments with 21 5th graders, get Hep A and Tetanus shots (ouch!) lots and lots of parties, eating and spend a small fortune on Christmas presents for teachers. (the last part is ok, because I LOVE my kiddos teachers!) (I should have thought about a few of these things before I pushed out four Strehle's)

December 20
Spent our annual Strehle day in the city. Did all things touristy like watched them throw fish at the market, ate clam chowder, rode the carousal and monorail and of course drank Starbucks. It was a good day.

December 21
My aunt came and made the most CRAZY AWESOME AMAZING gingerbread houses!! We invited The Dish and her kiddos over and a good time was had by all..Seriously I felt like we were living in a Charlie and the Chocolate factory dream..sooo much sugar!

December 24
Parents arrived, went to church. I cried most of the service, I love me some Christmas carols on Christmas Eve in church. It just brings it all home for me. There really is a reason behind all the insanity of the holidays, I just need to be reminded of it every so often.

December 25
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Happy family:)
Made the most AHmazing prime rib..here is the recipe..your welcome.

December 26
Went back to church, then spent the ENTIRE rest of the day reading an ENTIRE book. Oh my. Glorious. My kiddos kept coming in and asking if I was sick. Yes I was sick..sick of standing up.

Today, feeling slightly restless, writing goals for 2011. I'm ready to write again and I'm sooo ready for 2011, bring it.


GardenGirl said…
Good for you Amber:)Sometimes we have to step off the merry-go-round, and suddenly the spinning stops and we see things clearly...glad you had a sweet Christmas.
Dream Big ;)
Life's Delish said…
:) I would of have loved to see Christmas at your house and smile. miss you girl! need details about this africa trip. i think were are due for a phone catch up.
I love your catch up post! I also love how you spent Sunday. I had a huge nap yesterday. It was glorious. :)

I'm curious how you did the gingerbread houses. I want to make about 4 next year without kits (too expensive).
Beth E-R said…
What a splendid month you've had! So many highlights. I especially enjoyed the pictures of your family on your Seattle adventure. I also look forward to hearing more details about your trip to Africa. Happy wishes for the new year.
tinkerverve said…
Welcome back, my friend - Happy New Year!!!
Lauren said…
Holy cow, that's a lot of kids!!!!

I wouldn't trade one of them for the world :)

I missed reading your posts for that whole month, but I'm glad you've graced us with your presence once more. Do I sense a list in the near future?
Miss Charity said…
Missed you ;)

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