Paris on my mind

My boss lady called me the other day and asked if I had any images that I took while I was in Paris that she could use for an upcoming project. This gave me the excuse of wasting an hour or so scrolling through my Paris pic's.


Will Amber get up in the priests business at Notre Dame to get the shot?? Why yes apparently she will.

On our very first day in Paris, my VERY gracious Aunt arranged for us to take an AMAZING 3 hour long tour of the entire city in with this little guy in this very little {topless} car..I learned more in those 3 hours about the history of Paris than I had ever known before. It was such a great introduction to such and AMAZINGLY endless city..he famously said the quote (I quickly penned it as to not EVER forget it)
"You can live in this city a lifetime and still never see it all."

My view in the car from the back seat.
First sight of the Arc de Triomphe..and the back of Val's head:)

I even love Starbucks in Paris..and for the record I did not EVER go inside..I mean seriously who drinks Starbucks in Paris??:)
Really this picture was my act of celebration..I gave up Starbucks for almost an entire year to save for my trip..well except for that one time I was having a bad day (better than going to the bar..right?) then it turned into a REALLY bad day because I ran the car into a curb on my way into the drive-thru..split the tire open and had to call triple A. Husband was SUPER happy with me that day.
Story. Of. My. Life.

Another tour (we took 3) it was the "Paris at night" tour, I also LOVED this one. The guides were all so knowledgeable, it was kinda like walking through a history book.

I took this one purely for scale..I had no idea that so many of the paintings in the Louvre were so HUGE..I mean look at the size of that thing!! Even though I got my wallet stolen in the Louvre (RUDE!!) visiting was still one of the highlights of my trip..yes it's touristy but oooooooh the history!!

More Notre Dame..I visited multiple times..went to latin mass on Sunday morning, am I catholic? No..was it simply one of the beautiful things I have ever witnessed? Um yes.

Hope you are enjoying your week dear sweet readers..stay dry!


What a jump, girl! Dreamy photos...
Charity Watts said…
Still day...I KNOW I will go to Paris with you...even if I have to drag the man along.
Johnna Sutton said…
love it...

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