The List (because it's been a while)

Straight out of on his face and all. Yes the sun flare through the trees is over done..but I'm in love with this (growing) boy and with this picture:)

10. I have drastically downsized my personal blog list. It's amazing how much my tastes have changed over this past year, how much I have found does NOT really inspire me..but rather..bring me down.

9. Oh my this has been a positively AWFUL spring..seriously enough with the rain already.

8. ROAD TRIP!! Smoking hot mini-van..6 equally smoking hot Strehle' destination..

Scenic NEBRASKA!!! (oh you are jealous right now...just admit it)

So I went ahead and googled.."famous landmarks in Nebraska" I came away with such gems as..

Chimney Rock..or as I call it, weird phallic symbol rock. AND

The always funny.."Honey I'm home" landmark.


A REAL corn PALACE!!! YEE DOGGIES!!..a MUST stop destination for the 2011 Strehle Christmas card photo.


Daniel Craig..oh wait, he is not in Nebraska, bummer.

7. I go through these phases of not being able to stomach the news..this is one of those phases. Too much dang sadness.

6. I'm not going to Farm Chicks this year..hard decision..but mi familia needs me present right now, another weekend away from them seems like a little too much. The biggest bummer of it all is missing so many of my peeps. Farm Chicks is kinda like a big big junky hug.

5. I watched this full documentary this week..AMAZING. Here is just a quick highlighted version that I found. If you are photog, go watch it.

4. Lazy summer days cannot get here fast enough.

3. On that note we have had a pretty dang AWESOME school year. Love my kiddos school.

2. I'm working on a facebook fan page for the group I traveled to Kenya with, cannot WAIT to bring more attention to the work being done there!!!

1. Mommy Mondays have TOTALLY rocked my world this year!! WOW!!! I am just in love with all of my mommies and all the support out in my little blogasphere. I have already had a few emails about leads for next year which is sooooo cool!! I have not really meant to not post (other than mommy posts) much during this month, but it has just kinda worked out that way. I love it when things just kinda work themselves out..LOVE it.

Love you. Love this blog. Love being surrounded by so many amazing peeps. Am I using the word love to much?? Maybe, but I know you love me anyway:)


Beth E-R said…
Thanks for the link to the condensed version of the photography documentary. As a novice with my new "big girl" camera, I really enjoyed all the nuggets of wisdom.
Sheila said…
I love "the list!" I'm glad it is back. :)

You have one handsome boy there.

I'm not going to Farm Chicks. My youngest has Kindergarten graduation on that Friday. As if I could miss that! :) Next year. Next year. I keep telling myself. I've never been. I think I might faint when I finally get there. :)
Sheila said…
Where did you watch that documentary? I'm interested in the whole thing. It sounds so interesting, even though I'm not a professional. :)
Random Thoughts said…
I've been to the Corn Palace. Not to be missed! Great list. This is the first year I have gotten tired of rain. Might just be my mood though. Have a great trip!
tinkerverve said…
one can never say 'love' too much...sending some your way!

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