Cha cha changes..


The Dish always says, "it comes in three's". (as in major upheavals in life..changes)

Last night I was dealt the third, this plunged me into deep thought about how quickly our lives can change.

30 years ago, many people retired from the same place they had worked for over 20 years. Children and grandchildren lived across town from one another. Only seasoned pro's could start that successful business.. and facebook??? What the heck is a computer??

I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little reluctant to some of the change I see coming my way. I have my heels dug in a bit.

I'm leaving marks as time is
ruthlessly pulling me forward.

Dragging my feet.

There are MANY problems associated dragging your feet syndrome..or as I like to call it..focusing on the past..what was.
(not to mention the HEAVY fashion implications)

-You get a killer crick in your neck.
-You miss everything on the horizon. Always watching the sun set, never seeing it rise.
-Living in the momement..hahahaha..naw I'm just going to sit here and be wistful about what was.
-Embracing the place you are. Right. At. This. Very. Moment.
-Growing Up.
-Potential...The potential of what?? How about the potential of WHATEVER MAY COME!! We all have so much untapped potential..why oh why do we waste it on FEAR.
-Living out your story. We all have one, what a bummer it would be for it to end stay stuck in the exact same place for the rest of our days here on earth. Super big bummer.

Life moves forward regardless of my acceptance of the changes set before me.

Once again, I'm confronted with the power of our personal in faith, grace, love, change..what will I choose??

Choose to love? Choose to believe? Choose to accept grace? Choose to embrace the change??
Hard choices, but mine all mine, none the less.

I think a visit to the chiropractor is in order..I need a little work done on that crick in my neck.

**Mommy Monday will post on Tuesday..sheeeeesh people, can't I have a day off??**


Anonymous said…
You really have me confused with this post...

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