I don't like meat dresses.

Almost any difficulty will move in the face of honesty. When I am honest I never feel stupid. And when I am honest I am automatically humble.
Hugh Prather

Last week I was asked to submit a bio..you know write a little ditty about yourself..like this..

Amber Strehle

Amber's journey began when she sprang from the womb with a vintage Hasselblad clutched in her hand. Following her life long dream of...words, words, words, art, words, words, words, children, words, most important, words, words, travel, words words words, please for theloveofpete hire me, words, words, words.

I kinda got a little neurotic (can you tell) when asked to submit it. I started researching "How to write an effective bio line" on google, pretty much stayed up for like 24 hours straight, micro analyzing myself, generally freaking out.

I came to a conclusion..

I suck at tooting my own horn...or a more businessy term..

Self Promotion.

I'm not good at it. I'm envious of those who are.

You know those businesses/blogs..they talk up all the places they have been published and seen..and then it's really like this teeny-tiny picture in the back 2 pages..but they act like it's the stinking cover of Time magazine.

I wish I could be like that. Really I do..but instead I tend to downplay my accomplishments, I think self-promotion should be saved for when I actually have something of worth (like the cover of Time)(cure for cancer)(world peace) to self promote.

BUT how will I be discovered by Time Magazine if I don't promote myself??


Even writing this post feels a little too "toot my own hornish".

Am I passively agressively self-promoting, by writing about how I hate to self-promote, therefore self-promoting myself????????


Last year I met a book publisher (random meeting) she was pretty awesome. My head was SWIMMING..like I was sooo freaking out inside. I had a gazillion questions..she gave me lots of good advice and insight..one thing she said was,

"Amber we look for rock-star qualities, those are the people who make it, they want it..bad."


Is what went through my head (super deep, right?). I'm sure I even looked a little deflated.

I'm not a rock-star, never will be. I have goals/dreams/ideas that I hope and work dang hard to one day live out..things I work toward accomplishing..
but I'm not wearing a meat dress to get it...

So I wrote my bio..and re-wrote, called The Dish (we made up a few faux bio's..HILAROUS), wrote some more, called sexiest jogger in all the land husband (umm no help), stopped by The Store (Timi is my biggest cheerleader..RA-RA Amber!), wrote again, finally said ENOUGH and submitted the thing.

Actually when I think about it..it kinda comes down to being real. When I sit down to write about myself, I can't write fluff. Even if I did have the cover shot on Time..I think I would still have a hard time not being real..Amberish.

Not average.. not predictable.. drinks too much coffee..cleans toilets on Tuesday and eats popcorn late at night.

Maybe a little bit batty.. (just maybe..husband is NOT allowed to comment on my blog)



lulu said…
My beautiful Amber, I know rock stars, and you are one. I know people who have been on the cover of Time, and who have had their photos on the cover of Time. From the first moment I met you I knew, you are a special soul, you will be and already are really something. You don't need to promote yourself, the universe will do it for you. All you need to do is show up. OX
GardenGirl said…
Awww Amber...

Linda commented so well. And she is right. I love that you are real. It's kinda sad when real seems refreshing! There's so much that is fake about our culture...you sweet friend, are the opposite.

Tea! Soon! So much more to say:)

Mother Theresa said it best. "There are no great things for us to do, only small things with great love"

Great love to you today,
Valerie said…
Love this post! You are sooo humble and funny! I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have met you and spent time with you and hear about you from your family... (Don't worry, it's always about how wonderful you are and I completely agree!) Keep writing from the heart and you will never go wrong. This would include any tooting of your own horn. : )
Beth E-R said…
You are brave and honest and humble. I enjoy your posts very much for being so genuine.
Anonymous said…
silly girl - you just go ahead and toot your own horn - you are the real deal!
SeaWorthy said…

you are, without a doubt, one of the finest women I know..

Just think what would happen to your life if you HAD to wear the meat dress...or the shoes ferchrissakes..

lotsa good karma to you and what you want for you life, girly..

Im not worthy, Im not worthy!
(are you too young for that??)

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