The List..vacation style.

10. 6 people (4 being 14 and under) in a smoking hot mini-van cross country would send most people over the edge. Not me:) I have to say that I just might have the best car trip children in all of the land. They did awesome.

9. Books on tape are a life saver. We love us some books on tape, a few years ago during road trip 2009 (AZ/CA/UT/ID/WA) we listened to the entire Narnia series. This trip we listened to 3 different books, for a total of like 60 hours of reading.

Readers are leaders!

8. The fact that sexiest jogger in all of the land husband and I are still married after a nine day road trip/visit inlaws/cheap hotel vacation is proof that God really does indeed exist. (because we could not have done it on our own)

7. Genetics are a VERY powerful thing! Our kiddos have not been raised with my husband's side of the family (this is a little sad to me). It totally AMAZED me how much they are like his side of the family!! SERIOUSLY! They just fit right in, it was almost like we had always been around, like we really did belong in Nebraska. It made our hearts all happy and big:)

6. We really felt pretty dang loved on. Thank you:)

5. Fireflies!!! Us west coasters have never seen such a thing! Isabelle and Silas spent hours chasing and collecting up jars of the little blinking bugs. FUN!

4. It's amazing how much your perspective shifts with age and a slight attempt at wisdom.

3. It's a little hard to leave family, especially when you are not too sure you will ever be able to see them again.

2. You's kinda a big deal when you offer up your home to a family with 4 kiddos. While we are a pretty well behaved bunch, we still make messes and just generally upset the natural order of things (cuz we are awesome like that). A big big thank you to Sue and Gil for making us feel so dang welcome and comfy.

1. Family is important.

We had this running joke on our trip (this happened at least 6 times..I'm not joking, maybe more)

"So where are you all headed?" The friendly stranger would ask.

"Nebraska!" We would all respond in our most positive tones.

"Why?" Would be the panned face response.

It made me think about how family is not as important as it used to be. Working is important (and it is, don't get me wrong) fancy vacations are important (and they are pretty dang nice..don't get me wrong) completing lots of home renovation projects and finding yourself in Kenya is important (again..they both hold important spots).

Issues and a bit of dysfunction will always be present. Learning to navigate our way through all those realities is honest, gritty life.

Cabo will always be there.

Grandma will not.

I can't stress how happy we are to have made the cross country trek. It truly was a trip for the memory books. Thank you, thank you to all our Nebraska family for such a lovely time.

And remember..I hear that Washington State is really nice during..umm..well is NEVER nice here, but the bed is cozy and love is abundant.

Visit soon:)

Pictures..of course! (only a few..lots of very special peeps are missing from these)

Zach, Strehle kiddos, Grandma, Aunt Mary and uber popular cousin Greg:)
Zach, Strehle kiddos, Hesshiemer cousins and Zach's mom:)
Zach and his Grandma:)

Strehle kiddos at Rushmore..another post on that stop entirely! It was AMAZING!! For some reason I got all sentimental there..felt all Americanish and also totally inspired by the story and passion! Just think of the creative genius it took to make such a piece..crazy!!!


tinkerverve said…
I got a bit teary when I saw the picture of Zach with his grandma...very sweet!
I have wanted to do a road trip to Mt Rushmore along with other sites for a long time now....must get tips and tricks so I too will still be married when we return.
SeaWorthy said…
you are mucho fantastico..really.
Charity Watts said… really is a beautiful thing God created, thanks for sharing it with us!
Valerie said…
Very Nice! : )
Beth E-R said…
I love seeing your entire family in action! Especially Grandma in the center of it all. You will cherish this trip for the rest of your days.
We had 3 family road trips back to Tennessee to see family. Each trip has its stories...and to this day whenever we are together, highlights of each trip come up; debacles, funnies, memories; all are related and retold. Pure gold in my opinion. Happy times...always.
I LOVE your lists!
Mary said…
I just have to say, seeing all of you in Nebraska was my highlight for the ENTIRE year!! What a fantastic job you and Zach are doing. I WILL be coming out to Washington to visit, don't say I didn't warn you. :)
Auntna said…
Hey Amber, thanks for posting the pics, the kiddos are so growing so fast! Since you are on the subject of family, Denise, Dan and I will be up there for Christmas! Would two weeks be to long? LOL JK! I love you Aunt Na

PS. Pat and Mary look great too!

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