The List.. broken leg style.


Mom feels like she is not doing anything other than standing around and what does a photog do when she is nervous.. take pictures of course.

Post-op...very sad, drained, tired, cold, smelly Daddy and Mommy and a very loopy boy.

Blue cast on and ready to party!!

One of the many perks to being in a wheel-chair??
You get to be the leader of the congo line at the school dance!!

Now that all four of my readers have left, I need to post something to boost my blog views and since I don't know a Kardashian you will have to settle for a post about my son's broken leg.. (super intriguing)

A list ode' to my youngest boy breaking his leg while playing football and forever becoming the poster child of "thats why I don't let my son play football" (because this is what every Mother who does not have a son who plays football says to me when we tell her that Silas broke his leg playing football)(sigh)

(some people might view this post as exploiting my child) (that's fine, I won't deny it)

10. Cute factor.

I'm not just saying this because he is my baby.. but man that kid of mine is seriously cute.

Cute kid + Wheel-Chair sympathy = Serious cuteness OVERLOAD

9. Hot EMT's and Firefighters fawning over your child.

Hands down, just about the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

(next to my husband jogging of course) (oh and when he does the dishes..thats pretty hot too)

Right now you just maybe asking yourself.. "Wow, I can't believe Amber was checking out the aid workers while her son was in distress."

Hey..we all handle grief in our own way.

8. I'm concerned about him wearing only one shoe for so long, when it's time for him to wear both of them they won't match.
(SUPER deep stuff here on the blog today)

7. Smell that? No you can't through the computer, and you should be very thankful right now.

6. Children are so resilient.

It is truly amazing how quickly they can reassess, adjust and move forward. I need to take note.

5. Child in a wheel-chair in a house that was built in 1914 and has a very narrow steep staircase that leads up to above mentioned child's bedroom... hard..but not impossible and for that I'm thankful.

4. Speaking of thankful...

Strehle's once again have seemed to surround themselves with some of the BEST people around.

We have good peeps in our life. It's an awesome thing to have.

3. A broken leg in the big picture is NOTHING..really it isn't. But sometimes we need a little nudge.. a reminder of how quickly our lives can change.. of whats truly important. (mi familia) and to be thankful for everysingleday... because truthfully getting up and walking around can be seen as a bit of a miracle to some.

2. WHEEL-CHAIR parking permit... at CHRISTMASTIME. Seriously next year I'm going to break my daughters leg in November just to get another one.
(I jest, I jest)

1. All joking aside..

To all the dear parents in the world with kiddos and loved ones with a disability. I have a serious new found respect for you and your amazing self. Never before have I had to worry about wheel-chair accesses, ramps, door width, and how do you shop at Costco with a child in a wheel chair??
And by me writing that, please don't think I'm trying to compare our situations.. I'm not, you are a super-hero and we have experienced a mere hiccup.

You carry burdens that I have been un-empathetic towards.

Our family opening our eyes to these burdens some carry has been a beautiful side effect of the chaos..

When my Maker brings about a blessing from pain??

It just might be my favorite.


Sheila said…
You are a funny woman. :) I love the parking permit part. :)
GardenGirl said…
Amber, your the only one that can make me laugh out loud and cry in the same post...the ONLY one! Love it so much, needed it today. One of my dearest friends cares for her sweet boy totally wheelchair bound. He is now 21. You're right, she is my hero. Thank you for honoring her here.

Much love to you!
Deb ;)
Jamie Maupin said…
"Hey..we all handle grief in our own way." Hahaha that totally made my day.
Beth E-R said…
Hope your son's leg is mending as well as possible. Merry Christmas wishes to all of you!
I look forward to reading your "list" so fun.
Anonymous said…
I am so sad and sorry that your'e son broke his leg and was wheelchair bound. It is not easy for a parent nor the bound kid him self to deal with the cons of being handicapt. It probably was fun for your'e son to menuver around in a wheelchair. It is always good to look at the pros to. I broke my leg in 2009 and I myself had the opportunity to wheel around in wheelhair. Crutches are also so fun. I am sure he got plenty of atention with his family and his peers. He does seem like a cool kid that can be popular wheather he is on two feet or not. Anyway I am glad that his leg finally healed!!!
Anonymous said…
I realized that I spelled some of the words wrong due to my careless typing. Anyhow, I respect and admire youre family so much. Hope all is well with youre son especially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once again I know how difficult it must be difficult to watch all the the other boys in the neighborhood play baketball, baseball, football, soccer, tenis... and to se him sitting in a wheelchair! I am just griefing

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