I've been trying to write a 2011 recap for the past week..

It's just not happening, while there are short spurts of witty Amberish humor, it feels forced and disingenuous.. not a fan.

So instead we will just move right along into the New Year.


The year of restoring balance.

You know when Christmas rolls around and you order an egg-nog latte everyday for like two months straight.. then suddenly you have gained 10lbs and can only wear that velour sweat-suit you promised yourself you would never wear?


Oh.. thats never happened to me either... but let's just say I know a gal....

So, instead maybe this gal should have gotten like only one egg-nog latte a week, or even bi-weekly? (crazy thought!) She should have stuck with her normal not AS fattening drink on the off days in order to avoid the above mentioned sweat suit..

You know....


I woke up one morning during Christmas break (in my velour sweat suit) and realized that maybe... just maybe a few areas in my life had gotten a little out of balance.

My ideal balance..

Sexiest jogger in all the land husband
Roosevelt House
My peeps
Dream Job
Creative endeavors

I look at this list and it makes my tummy feel funny.. because my reality has not been this.

It's time to find balance again..

And maybe switch to decaf.

I was TOTALLY joking about switching to decaf.. as if.

I know of a local coffee shop that serves egg-nog ALL YEAR LONG.. who wants to meet me?? it...right.


Charity Watts said…
I will meet you for an egg nog latte! Balance or no balance...I would give anything to sit down & have coffee with you right now! :)
I love this post Amber. I am with you on the balance the uncontrollable urge to drink eggnog daily from November 1st until....well forever. :)

p.s. I have that sweat suit

Oh My thought you were talking about me....Love my Eggnog Latte!Trading the lovely drink for a workout with my daughter...I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy New Year! Wishing you the best for 2012, and I hope your year is filled with all the good you desire!

Elaine said…
velour sweats...did you possibly mean to say Sponge Bob pjs????
I am all about balance...when ordering my latte it is a skinny cinnamon WITH whipped cream...balance. :)

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