I love this picture. 

About a month (ish) ago I was at an event...

(Without going into too many details)
(To protect the identity of all persons involved)
(ok..mostly myself)

Honestly I was not looking too forward to this event, maybe just maybe, a person was attending I was not too keen on seeing, not totally dreading, but just that feeling of..."really I could go my entire life without seeing that person ever again and really be ok". You know that feeling, right?

I sat down...

Then a really awesome thing happened.. one of my girlfriends came and sat down next to me, not the dreaded person, but the, "I'm really glad to have known you person". The kind of gal that unexpectedly comes into your life and makes it better.

I love those kind of persons.

Then I felt safe, like I had no worries.  No matter who sat by me, all would be well.  It really is just about one of the best feelings ever.

That feeling of being apart of a friendship that has mutual respect, honesty, loyalty and love with just enough of "I'm gonna bust your arse if you get out of line."

From what I gather.. you can't get there unless you are willing to take a risk, open up, be vulnerable.

It's scary.

There are those sad times when you hold your heart out (it's a little like being naked) and the person who you are giving it to does not want it, or worse takes your heart and hurts it.  You might get it back slightly bruised.. a little smaller.. pieces may even be missing. It happens, it stings, if you choose, it could even make you bitter.. please don't let it.

Because when it's good, it's really good.  It's safe, happy, sit next to me and have my back, give me good (although not always easy) advice, share a meal, yes your butt does look really big in those jeans, will you forgive me?, yes, I will forgive you, love my kiddos, listen to me cry, share a meal, be silly,  shop, drink coffee, share a meal, say nothing for long periods of time, share a meal, laugh till Amber looses bladder control, share a meal, talk about our past, talk about the future and dream really, really big, it's super good..unicorns and squishy pink clouds kind of good. (did I mention eating?)

I have those friends.

I am that friend.

And it's one of the best parts of this funny little journey we call life.


Random Thoughts said…
Yes, you are a safe person, a good friend, a soft spot to land in a hard life. Thank you sister for being that so often for me.
elaine said…
truly, some of my favorite people
SeaWorthy said…
Seriously? I CRAVE are one of THOSE people to me....seriously..

lulu said…
Nice one. OXO.
Valerie said…
You are one of the nicest people I have ever met. Yes, I would say you definitely ARE one of those good kinds of friends. :)
GardenGirl said…
Thank you friend. Coffee soon...

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