The List..

Romantic get away for two, yes please.  Coastal Nest.. it's where all the cool kids go:)

10.  Dirt under the finger nails, 6 yards of top soil, green shoes, the smell of freshly mowed grass, birds, frogs, softball and Easter dinner  eaten under the budding apple tree.. Spring, you like us, you really do!

9.  Favorite spring trend??
The welcome return of slouchy clothes.  I LOVE slouchy clothes. Not just for the obvious reason of tummy cover-up either.. but for mostly for comfort.  I have a hard time wearing clothing that is uncomfortable.. it makes me crazy.  Truthfully, if it was socially acceptable in places other than Wal-Mart I would embrace the wear your pajama pants to the grocery store trend.. nothing is more comfy than my pj's.. but lookie here.. we have slouchy best thing!

8.  2nd favorite spring trend??
80's clothing. The hats, floral prints, Lycra black skirts. Channeling our inner Debbie Gibson once again.

Speaking of which..I dug this little nugget up on it.. you know you want to..come one.

(mullets and keytars!)


 7.  Mommy Monday interviews this year are shaping up to be pretty epic... love.

6.  Favorite meal planning cheater item? The rotisserie chicken.  If you are ever in a hurry.. or need a quick "make Amber look like a culinary genius" meal pick up one (or dos in my case) of these little beauties.  Because some days I'm not able to channel my inner Julia Child (because I have to be available for my child(s)).

5.  Well, looks like Mitt is going to be the nominee.. Deep question number 543.  Do you really think posting political thoughts/polls/links/snide partisan comments on facebook is really going to change a person's political stance?

4.  Alone.
Some people think this word is scary.  I'm normally not really an alone person.. I like a good posse surrounding me.. but as I get a bit older (40 is the new 30..right?) alone has taken on a very new meaning to me, and let me tell you, it's not one bit scary.  In fact I kinda think it makes me a better person.

3.  A really funny thing happened to me recently, I surprised myself. 
Lila over at Bella Gets Real started training for a 12k.  I know lots of people who run, I know lots of people who train hard.. honestly I've always thought that running should be reserved for times of emergency only.. like the Zombie apocalypse or when Starbucks is going to close in 3 minutes and you need that Americano to get through a late night batch of photo edits.. you know.. emergencies.

But for whatever reason this time when I read about running..I wanted to run.. so I did.
(late at night..when no one could make fun of me) (because I just might be an awkward runner)(and I seem to have acquired some extra jiggly bits, since I last jogged)

here is the funny part.
I actually like it.
Believe me, I'm just as shocked as you are right now.

2.  Feeding the muse.
I'm in desperate need of feeding mine.. she is feeling a little starved for attention.  Isn't it funny how we are bombarded with about a bazillion images every single day but yet still need inspiration.  Actually I think the over stimulation of images for us creatives is the problem.  It's a bit of a funny thought that walking away from visual stimulation would cause inspiration.. no?

1.  Spring Fever.
I like spring, but I really love summer.  I look at spring like I look at an appetizer.. like.."yay that's nice, but I am ready for the real food now."  Spring, I'm oh so glad you joined us before July this year, you're cute and all but I'm ready for some real heat, with a whole lot of nothing to do and about 2 months to do it.

Summer + Road Trips = Amber's happy place.


Shaina said…
Love reading your blog! You crack me up:)
Elaine said…
I'm longing for summer too and a very hot sun to go along with it...blooming flowers, fresh tomatoes, basil, {must make mozzarella to go with that}, beans, peas {actually that would be peas before beans}, cucumbers off the vine and fresh, grilled pizza. [dreaming] I still have one little, tiny patch of snow in my yard but I'll still keep dreaming as I watch my tomatoes growing in my living room! :)
Sheila said…
I hear ya with the political stuff on Facebook. I'm VERY political, if you want to call it that but I never put stuff on FB. I have one friend and that is ALL SHE HAS on FB. Gets tiring, don't that think? :)

Do you really like the return of the neon stuff? I saw it at Target and was like, no, please, I don't want to go back to high school, don't make me!! :)
GardenGirl said…
Seriously next Way to go! The running! Something about spring that gets us to do this stuff. Dirt under my fingernails? Can't get enough of it.

So love your lists.

Smile every time :)
BellaGetsREal said…
Congrats on the run...funny thing is I started to like it too (it took me a wee bit longer than you) next year you can race with me, I plan on scoring a trophy.

Love the list, I think I tell you that every time.

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