I'm interrupting my self imposed blogging hiatus to bring you a,

"Amber blogging in the heat of the moment post."

I'm likely to regret this later.. go on some self-loathing downer about why this is why I was on the "self-imposed blogging hiatus" to begin with.. but alas seems I can only keep the trap shut for so long.

After the debates last night, and a bunch of other useless mean girl drama a thought came to me..

Soon the presidential election will be done... and...

that person that you just completely insulted via social media about his or her political (and sometimes religious) beliefs will still be there. They will still be hurt by your complete attack on their intelligence.  Still licking the wounds from words spoken/written in the heat of the moment.. you might even have to see this person at your child's school, church, grocery store.

"Your facebook status update changed my political preference."

Said no one EVER.

November 7th we will wake up with the decision made and life will go on.. just like it always has.

Left? Right? Undecided? (chicken) (I jest) (sorta)

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself and please for the love of pete..

Be nice.


GardenGirl said…
why they gotta be so mean... <3

someday we'll be livin in a big ol city...and all they're gonna be is mean... : )
Shell said…
Deb Sent me over,,,,I hear ya GF!

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