Mad photography skills and rainbows..bloggity blog.

Starbucks in hand and about an hour to kill as #4 was at a birthday party, I headed down to a nearby beach.

A more sacred spot has never been than that of the places gulls cry and waves tease the shore.

I could feel the tension flowing from my shoulders as I wound down the hill towards the water, a briny smell filled my nostrils, clouds parted, the sun peeked out and I was greeted with the most breathtaking view as I rounded a corner..

Of course my iphone does not do this image the justice it very much deserves, but I just had to capture if for you dear reader...

One thing it does not convey is scale, here it seems like this tiny little rainbow off in the distance, when truly it filled the entire sky, and what was most amazing was that this rainbow was smack in the middle of a most angry downpour.. you can sorta see the nasty dark clouds that surround the rainbow.  It truly was a sight to behold.

For a second it occurred to me how often this is how life looks.  Oh can life rage around us... and at times it really does rage, it's angry, dark, a bit scary.. we might wonder.. might wain.. might worry if the storm will ever pass.

Yet in the midst of this storm was beauty, completely unexpected, undeserving beauty.

I parked and walked out on the beach, it was about me and 50 of my closest friends all gawking at this phenom.. the local photogs had suddenly turned up, nikon's clicking furiously... then just as fast as it appeared, it was gone and the storm raged on.

We sometimes forget, there can be no rainbow without first the rain.  We can have no light without the threat of darkness and joy is never so sweet as when it is the emotion that flushes out pain.

Dear reader this storm shall pass and I hope your week is filled with more rainbows than rain.



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So fits my life right now...amazing!

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