Loss of cabin pressure.

If you have flown in the last oh.. 40 years you have heard this spiel.

"In the case of cabin depressurization your oxygen mask will be deployed"  words... "please secure your mask before assisting others..." more words... can we just leave already... I wonder if she has dry skin... more words... why are we NOT moving.. words..

Last week I was actually listening to her, (while wondering about her beauty regiment) when for the first time, I actually heard her.

"please secure your mask before assisting others"


Please make sure you are safe first, because a dead Amber can't help the passenger sitting next to me.

No really.. check this..

Amber.. are you viable, are you stable (ish), is your grass green, is your heart right with your Maker, are your motives pure, is your ego in check, have you prayed about it, drank enough water, had a decent night of sleep in the last 6 months, are you breathing deep?

Is your mask secure?

Because really girl.. If you are fighting for your own last breath.. if you can only see the green grass on the other side, if your decisions are ruled by ego and insecurity.. how the heck can you be of any real help to that struggling passenger next to you.

Here is my truth and I would venture to say a truth for many of us.

Securing my own mask first is almost counter intuitive.  As Mommies (or women in general) are we not placed here on this earth to ensure the security of our families masks?

Hmmm.. but my loose mask will only pass on my poor breathing habits to those around me.. plus they will only get part of me.. only see me fighting for air.. only see me as half the person I was created to be.. simply because I did not take the time to take care of myself first.

Secure my own mask first.

Not perfectly. Not without battle scars or stories. Not without the knowledge that life happens..

Just breathing deep.


Random Thoughts said…
You know it is true. We need to take moments to check our own status in order to be fully used in whatever situation we find ourselves in and to help effectively. Of course, sometimes I am placed in situations when I am feeling overwhelmed, half dead, and positively useless. And it works. Because I ask God to help. And because I am not content to live in that state but recognize and take care of me. The only times it is impossible is when I totally let myself live in the land of overwhelming and the state of self. Then God has to correct me and I'm not much good to anyone. Thank you Amber for pushing me to think once again. So grateful for you and your words. You have been gifted with wisdom...you should maybe write more often...when life isn't overwhelming at least :)
Charity Watts said…
It's so much easier on FB because I can just like it...I don't have to really say anything. Alas, this is not FB & I just want to say thank you! Thank you for saying everything I'm always thinking, wondering about or struggling with. I LOVE YA SISTER!

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