Hi, it's been a while.

I love women.

A friend who gracefully raises a special needs daughter.

I love women.

A friend who fights cancer.

I love women.

A friend who daily hits her knees, praying for our country, her family and friends.

I love women.

A friend who stays home for a season to raise her children and help her husband climb that ladder.

I love women.

A friend who is a maker, kneading bread and working the land.

A friend who operates non-profits for the betterment of our world, while serving me homemade cookies on her wonderful lived on table.

A single mother.

A tri-athlete.

A teacher.

Preachers wife.

These women.. 

Deep, passionate, amazing, honestly breathtaking women of faith and beauty. 

Books and poems could be written about them. (or blog posts from anxious nobodies)

Let me tell you a little not so secret about these ladies.

Some voted for Hilary.

Some voted for Trump.

Tis true. 

Please, honestly ask yourself, does this mean that their accomplishments, struggles and strength are lessened in anyway?

Not. One. Bit.

At some point in the last few years, who we punch that button for has begun to override so many other things.. so many more IMPORTANT things.

Real things. Honest and true things. Daily things. Beautiful things.

I cannot stress enough how much this idea diminishes so many of the very best things about our fairer sex. 
(and yes we are better looking)

Anger, bitterness and worst of all, shaming overshadows relationships.. Why? 

Because of who we voted for, who we follow on Twitter, facebook likes and what we believe about health care?

I'm not trying to trivialize the issues we hold dear.. but.

While they are important to us (rightfully so) should you stop talking to your best friend from 6th grade because she voted for Hilary, Trump? 

Honestly, will you let a flawed, elected, entitled Republican or Democrat have that much control over you? Over your relationships, your home life, your children's life..

I think you're better than that, stronger, clearer minded, more graceful. I think most of you love deeply and truthfully want what is best for yourself and your family. 

Isabelle told me story this morning.. let me share it with you.

(Sissy and a dear sweet friend discussing the upcoming woman's march here in Seattle) 

"Isabelle, how come you don't want to go to the march?"

"I don't want to."


"I'm not going and just like I'm not mad at you for going, please don't be mad at me for NOT going."

This is what has left our conversation. Grace. Rising above. Leaving the shame and anger off the table.

So much wisdom from ones so young.

Let me ask you a question. 

What if we all woke up tomorrow and found that God had created us with a cookie cutter?

What if all our ideas and thoughts were exactly the same, if we all drove the same car, wore the same color, read the same books, lived in tiny beige houses with perfectly manicured lawns.. 

all with the same political signs posted, a gilded winner written in bright patriotic colors.

That is not this life. 

You can do hard things.

You can rise above.

That woman sitting across the aisle from you is also a mother, wife, teacher and friend. She also wants what she believes is best for her family and future. 

And she wants it with just as much passion as you do. Please remember that.


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