Summer Reading

I love my public library!!! Think about it.. You can go almost any time of day and find a million books on any given subject for free! For a reader it is like a unlimited shopping spree at your favorite used book store, or the local Barnes & Noble. What is not to love about hours of roaming a limitless library, finding the book you really want, then you take it home. No charge! I recently went to a Boarders books in the local mall. I found a book that I have really wanted to read, Manhunt. It is about the search for Lincoln's killer. I heard an interview with the author on the Michael Medved show. Sounds like a great read... So I find the book buried in the History/Political aisle, take a look at the price tag, 30 bucks!!! The author sounds like a good man who needs to earn a pay check just like you and I. When you think about all that went into writing this book, it is very well worth the price, but I just can't do it. I start to feel guilty about his family, career, what about the starving artist??
My public library has spoiled me.
So instead I drop the book like it was Tom Cruise and search for it via my library web site. Look what awaits me by the next week. Happily sitting with my own personal name on the free bookmark. The 30 dollar gem, free of charge.
I swear if they ever started to serve coffee I would move in.
Of course I am all for building a personal library. I think all readers should have a large selection of great reads on hand at anytime.
So I have come up with my own "Amber Library System" It's great, goes like this...
1. Hear /Read about interesting book
2. Check out book from library (duh)
3. Decide if it is a "Amber Library Worthy" book. This by the way would never ever include mindless fiction or any type of romance what so ever.
4. Check Costco for book-Very cheap, but limited selection.
5. Check for book-Almost always works in my favor.
6. Go to huge overpriced Barnes&Noble/Boarders ect... and buy book. It better be worth it!!!

I have spent a majority of my summer at home, with some time to read. It has been a very literary summer! I have enjoyed almost every read. What makes the reads even more enjoyable? They were free!!
Cheers to my Library!


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