It's the little things that really matter. Obviously everyday life does not contain those earth shattering moments. For one, I don't think we could handle it if it did! So instead we get into our ruts and suddenly a whole month (or three!) have gone by and we have not taken the chance to be thankful for "little things". I would like to think of myself as a simple girl that does not take much to please. A decent cup of coffee, a warm home and laughter are some "little things" that can make my day.
Here are a couple of little things that have brought me tremendous pleasure in the past few weeks.

~I was minding my own business in the Starbuck's drive thru line.. actually, truth be told I was lecturing my children..harshly. I pull forward to get my drink and the sweet window lady smiled nicley and said "Good Morning and Merry Christmas" as she handed me my drink she also added, "the car in front of you has paid for your drink today".
What?? My drink?? What a wonderful way to start my day, I could not help but smile:)

~Getting complimented on my children. As a mother that is just about the greatest feeling you can get, and just think it was only a kindly spoken word.

~Looking at your husband and knowing you are still very much in love with him.

~Rain..and today frost on our roof!

~Finding a treasure at the thrift store, just think I'm doing my part to help the enviroment (or something like that).

I encourage you to find a "little thing" this week. With the holidays here we are all looking for that WOW factor, take a step back and look for a little thing:)


Tinker Verve said…
Very nicely written, friend! Challenging too.
TinkerVerve said…
Is this your season for maturity? I have so often thought that one of the reasons God sent us to Sultan was for my personal maturity. It's been a fun, interesting and challenging road (and I hope He isn't done) but I know that I leave here a changed gal. It took me 11 years, how long does He think that you need? Mind you, I didn't arrive here feeling that I was particularly immature, but He saw areas where I needed to grow. Isn't that the kind of growth that we really desire? You go girl...let Him change and mold you. It doesn't come without pain, but it's a good pain.
LoveYa...have a good one! and check out the cupcake candle holders at:

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