I know it's been like a week since I posted..actually over a week, which in cyber land is like a year. All I can say is busy busy busy! Here are some pic's from the event I did with SUCH an incredible event. The folks at Wellspring! are an amazing bunch, what a fun day they planned for the community.
Christmas toys, arts and crafts for the kiddos, lots of yummy food and some really AWESOME music.

So I'm sitting there watching this fun, super super funny childrens band called
Caspars Babypants (huh?) that was playing for the open house. I look over at a fellow volunteer (Lavi) and say,

"I know I'm totally dating myself but,in the early 90's there was this band called The President's of the United States. Have you ever heard of them?"

"Yes" replied Lavi.

"That lead singer sure looks like the lead signer of The Presidents of the United States."

"It is."


Because when I was 19 and their first album debuted I'm pretty sure I had the whole thing memorized AND I saw them live (cuz I'm super cool like that) the height of the Seattle grunge scene, flannel, Doc Marten's and Kurt Cobain..

(ok youthful flashback now over)

So suddenly I was the 19 year old girl again..

"Um (bright red checks) excuse me?"

"Yes" looking up from his guitar case.

"So were you the lead signer from the President's of the United States?"

"Still am!"

(ok sorry I don't think I ever bought any of your other albums)

"Oh! Do you mind me getting a picture with you? Because (um I'm talking really fast now and my checks are really red and I'm kinda starting to act like I'm 19 again)
when I was 19 your album was one of my very favorites.

"Oh sure."

(awww soo nice) for the record this is like the VERY worst picture of myself that I have EVER posted on my blog..really I'm don't wear turtle necks very often..and the reason why is OBVIOUS. So I'm just going to have to get over myself so I can show you all (oh and burn that shirt).

Lavi, my partner in crime:)

BUT of course that was not what the day was about. This is what the day was about.

I was the rover for the's my favorite place to be, sneaking in and out snapping pics of people at work (and play). The main photog for the day did an incredible job..people came away with beautiful portraits, pictures that brought out so much beauty..

Side note..can I say how COOL it is to be with a large group of other photogs?? So much fun!! When we had a little down time, things got fun..I mean when you ask a non photog to do crazy things for the camera (you want to shoot under the bridge??) they just stare at you, but OTHER photogs WANT to do crazy things for the camera..good times;)

It was such a blessing to be apart of this event.

Thanks again D.G. and friends, help-portrait and Wellspring!


tinkerverve said…
What a wonderful post - of a 'heavenly' day! beautiful pictures

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