The List..New Year Style

Shot this on a quiet Christmas morning stroll.

Killin me with coolness..

The Strehle Christmas card..taken after Christmas..

A little grainy (the sun was setting) but I love defines his personality perfectly:)

10. I love the New Year!! There is just so much potential as I flip the calendar over...What is on the horizon?? Who knows?? Ooooh its like a mystery..and it's name is 2010.

9. 2010 is already full of such creative potential.
I feel like a thoroughbred horse pawing at the starting gate..let me run!

8. We had a lovely Christmas around Roosevelt house. It was so nice to just be here at our own little home for Christmas.

7. I feel like 2009 was a growing year. It was almost like every single day I learned something more about was an awakening. Some of the things I saw were NOT ok, of course that is never really fun..but oh so necessary.
On the flip side, other little things that have been hiding in the wings waiting for the opportunity to speak suddenly found their voice and oh what a sweet song they sing.

6. Officially starting my own business..pretty big moment in my life.

5. Watching the Strehle kiddos adjust from Montessori to the Public Education system. Those 4 never really cease to amaze me.

4. Returning to Washington. Really I could write for days about this one. I'm sure that move had alot to do with #7.

3. Purchasing a house in the country once again..feeds the soul.

2. When everyone and everything fails you there is only one answer.

1. Paris!! (Duh) Almost every single day I think about my trip. At least once a week I ask Zach when they are opening a Costco in France. I dream of drinking a strong cafe au lait in a neighborhood older than anything you have ever seen here in the states. I dream of my bed overlooking the little terrace, high fashion, beautiful people, beautiful dogs, so so so much history, art, art, and more art, tripping because I was always gazing upwards, seeing La Grande Dame for the first time..
oh so many memories.
Can 10 days change your life?
I'm pretty sure they can.


Lateda said…
10 days can be life changing.
So glad to see the list back... Cheers to 2010.
Anonymous said…
The best part is the move back to Washington...and, of course, personal growth ~ we just can't ever go wrong there.
I'm also excited for 2010 ~ I just can't stop thinking about it!
mimi charmante said…
I love these "10" lists... They inspire me~
who is #7? I think we need to have coffee...
I am heading to Paris in April - can. not. wait!

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