post stealer..

I've crossed over blogland, I'm going to fully 100 percent steal another persons blog post.

I could have read it and then put my Amberish twist on it and call it my own..

But that seems like too much work. (and I try my best to be original)

So read it and thank me for stealing later:)

Stolen openly and honestly from Chase can find his blog here.

The 7 Mothers project is in full planning mode and I soo needed to read his post!!

"If you wait around to read the email when it pours into your inbox, will you ever have time to take pictures?

How many ideas will you miss by chasing the next best thing rather than finishing the project you’ve already started?

If you continue taking those crappy gigs that generate dogpoop looking photos or films, will you ever have time to create the ones you want?

What is the cost of doing things that your industry says are “normal”?

How many pictures will you let pass you by if you wait till you get a better camera, better lights, or better vision?

If you do what your teacher tells you to do without pushing the boundaries of photo school, will your work look just like everybody’s in your class?

How old will you be when you finally quit your day job because it sucks?

When was the last time you …created an uninterrupted day for yourself to do the things that you wanted to do, rather than attended to “obligations” that weren’t really obligations at all?

It’s great to please the world. To be a citizen, to answer the phone, to go out of your way, to… to…. to… But every once in a while, it’s healthy to do things on your own terms. Take a break from reacting and choose your own adventure this weekend."


Miss Charity said…
Even though your a thief...I still call you a good buddy :) Thanks for the great,(stolen) post! LOL

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