The List..Junkin Style

Some oldies..from my very first Farm Chicks Show:)

Things around Roosevelt house are seriously ramping up! Not only is Tres Birds booked til July, but 4 Tres Birds kiddos leave no rest for this momma bird.
Of course Farm Chicks has many of us running to and fro...kinda like a farm chick with her head cut off..hahaha.

So here is this weeks list.

I love to junk and now I'm going to tell you why.

10. Road Trips.
It seems like there is always a good piece of junk far away from my house. This means a reason to drive. I love that reason.

9. I'm sentimental.
Sometimes I looks at certain treasures that others have discarded and can't help but get all sentimental about that item... Mostly I think about when the item was originally purchased. Was the person excited? Was it a gift? Did she safe for a really long time to get it? How did it end up in a pile of junk at this here garage sale?

8. Being surprised!
I love it when I find something totally random yet totally wonderful in the most unexpected places. As I look around my house I have a story for almost every little piece around. It's like I have a collection of memories.

7. It's cheap.
ok sometimes...not all the time..every once in a while?

6. The smell. just jokin. I've smelled it all..and it's not the best part of junkin.

5. Unique.
I'm am not a person of convention. I have to do everything just a little bit differently. Will my home ever look like the inside of any Pottery Barn catalog? Um no. And yes I'm very proud of that.

4. Stories.
Oh I have some big ones! Like previously mentioned in #4..we are a unique breed of people. This makes for should I say this..Colorful!..interactions over the years. Cross-dressers in cha-cha heels, being run over by an angry mob at Goodwill only scratch the surface of my junkin tales.

3. Repurposing.
I did it before it was cool.

2. The thrill of the hunt!!!!
Ahh is there not some quote about how anticipation is almost always better than the actual event? I LOVE the hunt. When I pull up (or walk into) to a place that is dusty, dirty..boxes stacked chest high, scruffy older gent running the show..I just about pee my pants with excitement! Is this the one? The sale I see in my dreams?? More than but every once in a while...

1. People.
Despite all the weirdies, smell and the occasional jerk. Junkers are a pretty fun bunch of peeps to be around. It's pretty cool to watch so many different tastes, styles, budgets all come together in search of treasure, and all of us having different treasures is what makes it so fun.


Auntie Joy said…
Yes! I agree with all your reasons! Can't wait to see you!
Lori Nelson said…
#3 Yep that is so true. You were the first person I looked at and said "You're going to do what with that? Isn't that just junk?" :-)
Reading your list makes me want to go re-purpose something! You may be getting a phone call....
Johnna Sutton said…
Why do we have smell issues? I love smelling junk too! hmmmm

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