The List...Summer Vaca Style

My fav from the shoot with Wild Whimsy.

New business cards.. LOVE THEM!! Like alot..they were made on a vintage letterpress..they are just yummy! (that is if you could eat paper and all)

Above mentioned press..pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome....

Just a little wisdom from C.S. for the soul I tell ya.

Top Ten FAVORITE things about summer vacation..

10. Sleeping-In..Duh.

9. What did you do today honey?


8. Ahh coconut tanning oil. One of the very best smells EVER.

7. Road Trips.
I'm not lying when I say few things send Amber into blissdom more than open roads, loud music and Strehle kids tucked happily into the back seat...Freedom!

6. Lack of really important, have to be there obligations. No music lessons, no sports, no homework, no blah, blah, blah, blah. (can you tell I'm burned out?)

5. Being Tan.
One of my most used quotes is from my sister..
"Tan fat always looks better than white fat." Nuff said.

4. BBQ's and volleyball.
Food and middle aged people trying to relive their glory days..hilarity follows (along with a trip or two to the E.R.)

3. Ice Tea.

2. You know when you were like 16 and summer would come and life would seem so carefree? Every once in a while, when the breeze is blowing, the music is loud and all is right with the world, I feel that way..even just for a minute or two.

1. Reading.
For 2ish long months I can read alot..almost guilt free.


Lori Nelson said…
Yes! #5...I also quote Johnna quite frequently. Love it!!
Lateda said…
my favorite picture from WILD WHIMSY too!(whos AWESOME cleavage?) Oh' Wonder Bra, you ARE my friend! :)
Love this post.. you are my blogger hero.
Shelly said…
Hey Missy Amber, thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments about my headbands! If you ever want me to whip one up for you,let me know!
$15-25 dollars, depending on the amount of vintage millenery I use. Most are $15!
How do I "follow" you blog? I'll check out the other one too. Love the photos!

Life's Delish said…
Love your business cards!! So, will the road trip be coming my way? :) I am also loving those bracelets in the photo. Where do I find them and or how to make them? I think you should call me in all this spare summer time you have and tell me. :) Miss you tons.
Anonymous said…
#3 - you forgot to mention 'unsweetened'!
Random Thoughts said…
It seems like such a long time since I had a summer. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for such a lovely post.
lulu said…
Are you my long lost daughter? Cuz it would make me very happy if you were.

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