A story where Amber gets pulled over by police a lot.

I'm going to blame it on my sunglasses. Really it's the only reason I can think of.

No, don't even think for a second it's because I speed. Because I have ALWAYS sped. Speed limits are soo..well..constricting.Yet the last time I was pulled over I was 19years old... 19!!! (which was just like 5 years ago)

So I'm thinking it must be my glasses. I have been wearing them the last THREE times I was pulled over. I just purchased them this spring, I went from the large round glasses to the 80's knock off Ray Ban's.

I'm going to throw them away and switch to these..(yes, be jealous of my hair)

These scream don't even waste your time pulling me over unless you are ready to PARTY!

Or this paintball mask I found in our barn? (which smelled like sweaty boys..ick.)

Or our infamous Nacho Libre mask? I mean don't you all have one of these laying around??

After my last "infraction" I even went so far as to sweep my car..like kinda check it out for some hidden cop signal..almost like a post-it-note on your back saying ..."kick me" except this post-it-note would say..."Pull me over! Because yes I always speed! But really officer I was NOT talking on my cell phone THIS time and now Twin B is going to be late for guitar lessons."
I could not find the note. Darn.

So I had to pull out the tears this time. Really they were tears of frustration, because for the first EVER I was not talking on my cell phone..and yet I STILL got pulled over!!! Am I marked now?!?! Are there not criminals roaming the streets in Monroe Washington??? Criminals that don't drive mini-vans?? COME ON!!!

Yes Twin B accused me of using my "Doe Eyes". Whatever. He can judge me all he wants. I didn't get the ticket. Today he learned his first lesson in "How women can get what they want by using tears." His future wife will hate me for teaching him that lesson.

Don't get me wrong. I respect police officers. We need them. They put their lives in danger every single day. But seriously guys.. can you cut this mini driving Momma a break?

If I get pulled over again, it better be only to tell me you like my new glasses..deal?


Miss Charity said…
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA...love it!!! Can I borrow the party glasses sometime???
Anonymous said…
We do have a Nacho mask, actually......and one of the same that is a purse, too. I don't want your dead guy duty.....Did you not tell him they were the Lord's cheeps?

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