The List... School's out! (almost)

Before Justin came along and stole our hearts..HSM ruled the roost. Why not start your summer off with a jazzy musical number??!!!

10. I know it sounds crazy, but I really do miss my kiddos when they are gone all day. Of course after they are home for about 45 minutes, I have a very strong desire to knock back about 3/4 of a bottle of cabernet..but really I do miss em..promise.

9. Sleeping in. Oh for the love of pete..I can't wait to sleep in.

8. The mean Mom's. Wish I could say I'm going to miss you for the next few months..but I'm not. (I'm sure the feeling is mutual..they are the mean ones after all)(but I guess that makes me mean too)(but not as mean as them)(for the record).

7. The beach , the beach, the beach. I take the kiddos to a small beachy spot all summer long. It's not really much to write home about as far as beaches go..oh but the waves, salt air and gentle breeze. I'm 100 percent convinced that there is healing properties in salt air.

6. No homework, projects, or my favorite.."Mom!! I need to start this 345 page report tonight and it is due TOMORROW!!"

5. I absolutely HATE making my kid's lunches, but I do it anyways..everysingleday. I can't wait to look over from my Austen novel and say.."Make your own dang sandwhich!" (it's the little things people)

4. Keeping up with my children's social/sports/activities calendar is seriously like a full time job. These are the little things that people FAIL to tell you when you say.."Oh, I want a BIG family!" (don't EVEN get me started on parties/trophies & snack schedules!) We are sooo ready for some down time.

3. Our large more formal dining room table always looks like a school aged child's backpack exploded on it. Crayons, english papers, books ect.. It's a mess, I clean it constantly, but yet it's always a mess.. makes me crazy. Maybe this summer things will get uber crazy around here and we will actually EAT off of it!!

2. The pressure. There is always a underlined tension when the kiddos are in school. I don't think it's always bad..but it's just there. I kinda have a checklist in my mind going all of the time. I think my brain needs a break.

1. For the record I AM sad that this year is ending. It has been one of the best school years ever for the Strehle family!! I love the kiddo's schools, teachers and it seems we have really (finally) settled in here in Snoho.

Now if the sun would just flipping shine, we could get on with this whole summer gig..seriously.


Yes I feel the same way. I love the beach, sand, sun, now if I only loved me in a bathing suit.

Love your list - you are hilarious.

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