Talking too much and looking that order.

In this newly discovered world of social media, time after time we have been taught one thing..


Meaning..umm don't accidently tweet a picture of your wiener to your followers..fortheloveofpete make sure you are sending it via private message (if your the type of person that sends those kind of someone other than your spouse..if your married..married or not..YUCK!)

A few weeks ago I had an iphone tweet failure. Apple's glorious spell check messed with my tweet resulting in something along the lines of..

"men in super skinny jeans are super sexy." what I meant to tweet was...

"I will be glad when men's super skinny jeans are no longer in style."

I hit the send button the second I noticed what it really said..too late. All whopping 54 followers of my twitter account got a tweet about Amber thinking men in skinny jeans are sexy.

Mind you, it really was not that big of a deal and of course my BFF's (the peeps who actually know who I am) thought it was down right HIlarious.

One of our worst fears as human beings is looking stupid. We hate it. I hate it.

For some people living in the world of social media is awesome..if you are careful enough you can totally make yourself out to be the perfect person one tweet, status update and blog post at a time.

But then there is this thing called real life...and I hate to break it to ya, but we can't control it. There is no script. I think it freaks some people out. Emotion. Reality. It's messy, cheesy, very uncool times it can be just down right unsettling.

Last night I sat through a 90 minute play put on by the 8th grade drama class at the kiddos school. My twin boys totally NAILED their performances. They were amazing. Yes I'm their Mom, so I'm just a little bit biased.

I cried at the ending. Ugly cry. I was a little bit of a mess. I kinda have been doing that lately.

Hormones? Maybe.

Afterwards I found the director..and let me tell you dear reader I I
WENT ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about the performance (not just my boys), about all the hard work, dedication, the drama department, crying, thank you, thank you, thank you.

A little much? Maybe. Did I look a little stupid? I'm pretty sure I did. But here is the kicker peeps..

Did I mean every single word? Absolutely.

It was not scripted, eloquent, or even particularly witty. I verbally spoke words from my the moment..which is very dangerous..almost risky..very vulnerable...but oh so liberating!

I looked stupid and I'm not ashamed of it! (ok mostly)

We are losing this part of the human connection, we are afraid to show emotion, of not having a popular blog, of REAL and UNSCRIPTED, of a tweet that might fall flat..

Today dear reader, I challenge vulnerable, tell that person you love them, tell that person you are thankful for them, make the phone call, make the coffee date, physically speak some sloppy stupid words into a persons life.

I promise you..looking stupid has never felt so good.


Twig said…
love it!!!! you are my favorite. i'm not backspacing any of this comment -- here's a real, raw, real (not backspacing that even though I repeated myself already) comment. i love your heart!! why oh why can't you be closer? for now I'll just settle for the social media connection....but someday. SOMEDY (not backspacinnnng although I really want to....) we will sit and laugh and have a good cry and talk about what inspires us. i LOVE YOU!!!! xoxoxo
Beth E-R said…
I am sure your guys were the stars of the play! Lovely post.
I think you really do think guys look sexy in skinny jeans and are just too embarrassed to admit it. :)

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