Road Trip {bliss}

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Ok..your sweet words about my last post..gosh have know idea how much it means to me. Thank you:)

Now, on to the current adventure...

I'm CRAVING a break. I need some silence (in a mini-van w/six Strehle's).
I need to clear my noggin. I need to re-evaluate a few things in my life. I need to clarify a few things in my life. I need to focus on mi famila. I need to have some uninterrupted time with the sexiest jogger in all of the land. I need open road and the smell of freedom.

I need a road trip.

The open road soothes my soul, relaxes my spirit and invites inspiration..

Source: via one on Pinterest

Source: via one on Pinterest

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I'm out peeps..look for a few updates from the road.



What fun! I love road trips. Enjoy
Charity Watts said…
Love ya girl, have a wonderful time!!! Have a safe trip (by that, I mean don't murder any Strehle's while en route!) :D
Jennifer said…
So good for the soul! Have a fantastic time! Looking forward to some amazing photos and updates! Have fun!
GardenGirl said…
Me toooo! With my spouse! A spontaneous roadtrip...the best kind. We'll share stories ;)

Deb @ Garden Party
Auntna said…
Where are the stories??? I can hardly wait!

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