The List.

Could this be any cuter?? Don't think so.

10. Every single August it happens..this year has been no less eventful.
The "Amber has a mental break down when she see's the back-to-school supplies in Wal-Mart." event.
This summer has BLAZED by.. seriously, where did it go? AND to top it all off...

I have two going into high-school this year.

Deep easy breaths Amber..deep easy breaths.

9. I'm pretty sure the sweet girl that posted a picture of me on my facebook page did not realize it would send me into self-loathing territory. There are days when social-media bites.

8. I need to diet (see #9). This does not intersect very well with pumpkin spice lattes..pumpkin pasta..pumpkin pie..pumpkin scones..(I just drooled on my keyboard)

7. Fall makes me super introspective. It's like New Years for Mommies with school aged children.

6. The comments on my last post made my bloggity heart all big and squishy. I'm not gonna lie..the whole posting my blog on my facebook page was a really big jump..super super vulnerable spot for me. Sometimes when I blog the words just tumble fast from my fingers. My last post was the fast just poured out. I was a little scared to post..God had to give me a little I guess I figured it was safe:)

5. You know those kind of people that try and make you feel small so they can feel big?

4. There is this funny thing with social media..if you are silent for a while, peeps think you don't have anything going on..or maybe your ship has sailed. Like your not cool anymore. That is a funny thought to me, maybe your just so busy living real life you don't have time.

3. Fall is in the air. (I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with that statement)

2. Abercrombie asked the cast of Jersey Shore NOT to wear their clothing anymore..tarnishing the brand?? REALLY!!!!! I thought that marketing to d-bags everywhere WAS the brand??!!! Next they need to patrol college campuses, frat parties and The Mall of America.

1. I posted this video on my Tres Birds fan page..but I liked it so much I thought I should share..I found it here.


Anonymous said…
I am in love with your Si/dog pics. Too wonderful! There haven't been any pics of you posted that weren't just fantastic...after all, they were you! btw...most of us 'need' to diet {for the health of it, of course} but there is always time for that....maybe {for you} after the kids get on the school bus...maybe {for me} today! :) [after 3 days of all-you-can-eat-buffets it's quite NECESSARY]
GardenGirl said…
This is why I love you. Never let anyone define who we are! Love love LOVE this...High School? You got this. God is in your corner. He gets you ;) The sentence I was given by a really wise friend? Just get em through it. It kept me, it really did.

See you soon :) And, don't listen to icky Walmart. It's still summer!!!!
I always love reading whats on your heart. AND, truly beautiful photos. Kids back to school, me too, and I'm now a NaNa to 6 little people, and I'm still a little teary eyed. Oh! What to do! Again love your sweetness!

XO Glad & Cel

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