I'm busy with the whispery end of summer..

The cooler mornings, cooler evenings.

School supplies, skinny jeans, the harvest, nervous kiddos and anxious parents.

Sadness and anticipation all rolled up into one orangish season.

To my 5 faithful and loyal readers, I'm sorry.

I'm just trying my hardest to savor every single minute we have left.

For we will never get today back and time is a ruthless task master.



Beth E-R said…
You are so wise to soak up every moment with your family. I'm here to tell you those darn kids of ours grow up and leave the nest in the blink of an eye. I hope this belated summer of ours keeps growing strong.
I am with you all the way...time enough to write/ponder/make 'lists' when it is cooler/quieter/lonelier...Enjoy your last 'wisps'...beautiful girl.
I hear yah. I have been doing the same- soaking up as much as I can while the sun is still out.

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