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10. Sunday morning on i-90 the words returned. So much so I could have pulled my smokin-hot mini van over and wrote. Road trips coupled with mournful music is a salve to my weary soul.

9. Valentines Day.
How do you write negatively about the red rose drenched abyss that is this holiday without sounding bitter? It's impossible I tell you. I'm not bitter about V-Day (although I'm pretty sure Zach is) really I'm not. Every year it's a struggle for me.. am I alone in the conflict of guilt because it's so forced mixed with the disappointment of him actually believing me when I say something like, "Don't worry about Valentine's this year..really I don't need a thing."

It's enough to cause run on sentences and way too many (.....) in a blog post..oh wait most things cause run on sentences and (....) in my blog posts..darn.

Why is a woman's heart so fickle? It even makes ME crazy..I can't imagine being married to myself.. poor Zach.

8. Nothing says.."SUCK IT!" to your ex quite like winning 5 bazillion Grammy's. Do you think the guy that dumped her is going to ask for royalties?? If ever there was a picture of pain birthing amazing art...

7. Speaking of the Grammy's... Chris Brown? After he beat Rihanna a few years ago prior to the show?

Seriously SUCH a feminist double standard here.. sure sure we are all for empowering women..

but Chris Brown is a good dancer, so we will look the other way.

What are we teaching our daughters?


6. I guess you guys don't like posts about me peeing myself..I will make a mental note of that for next time I get the urge to share too much information about bodily functions.

5. The past few weeks I have witnessed like the most UGLY behavior via facebook.. so nasty. In our schools we have all this awareness for social media bullying.. I think some of the MOMS (and Grandma's too!) should take those classes.
The most ironic thing about facebook disagreements is that 99% of them would never take place in real life. Why do we feel so much braver when typing words onto a screen rather than saying them to an actual real live person?

Oh I know.. because it takes all the traits that are opposite of being a bully to have that kind of conversation.

Thus continues the love/hate relationship that defines facebook...

4. I have been struggling with reality lately. You know the constant grind that is daily life? I'm a tad over it.

My gypsy heart taunts me from the corner..

"You are becoming boring Amber"..the mocking words plague me.

My consultation prize is the Strehle kiddo's.. and the (occasional) peace that comes from knowing that our lives are made up of seasons.

3. OH MY STARS.... Mumford + Awake my Soul in French = True Love.

(seriously they have chops.. amazing)

Mumford & Sons - The Banjolin Song / Awake my soul - A Take Away Show #105 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

2. You can say all the sticky sweet words about friendship you would like..but truthfully deep/dear/lasting friendships are born that moment when you really really mess up and another person forgives you in spite of your total ugly self.

That is friendship.

1. Dear Summer-

Last year I'm not sure if you remember, but you were a tad late in arriving. I don't mean to be rude or to speak out of turn, but I sure would love it if you tried to be a little bit more prompt this year. You are more than welcome to show up BEFORE the 4th July. We have room for you here at Roosevelt house and would welcome you with arms wide open. Our BBQ is starting to get lonely, my body aches for the feeling of too much sun, laughter, crisp white wine, bluest of skies and blooming phlox.

Your biggest fan,


Valerie said…
Lovely words again and again. XO
SeaWorthy said…
I have a total crush on you, seriously.

From the bitch at the beach <3
GardenGirl said…
Ha! Dear Ms.'re funny! And yep, how much do we love Amber! And yep Amber, I'm gonna say it. I hate FB! I think I'm the last hold out. Bullys are everywhere, but seems especially easy to be mean behind "the curtain."

Looking forward to seeing you, face to face! Like the good old days!
deb ;)

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