What WAS running down Xtina's leg?? (an ode to my children)

I'm sorry Christina, sweat?

I'm pretty sure you peed yourself.

We are sick here at Roosevelt house.

Yesterday my dear sweet daughter said,

"Mom, why do you cross your legs every time you sneeze?"

I replied..

"Because you were 11lbs. 4oz when you were born." (insert blank stare here)


I'm a mother, you're a mother. I know your pain. You were trying your very best to hit that super high (or maybe it was low) note and oops..didn't see that coming now did you??

Me either.

In fact there are a LOT of things I did not see coming before that fateful day I became a Mother.. things like..

Not sleeping..EVER.
Having perpetual bags under your eyes from the not-sleeping part.
Perky breasts...just JOKING.
Trampolines + women with weak bladders = a mess.
The terrible 2's are hard, 3's suck as well.
You will live in a perpetual state of embarrassment... If it's not pee running down your leg, then it's pee running down your child's leg.. in the middle of Nordstrom..while talking to your ex-boyfriend and his new wife..that is a model..now channel that feeling times 10.
Mini-vans will suddenly make perfect sense..even look a bit sexy.
Coffee (or ANY brown stimulating liquid) taking on an almost God like status in your life.
Crying.. you, them, anyone with in shouting distance of you and them.. it happens..a lot.

BUT..(always with the but)

For all the hard harsh realities that is parenthood, there is joy. Not just any joy either, but the profound joy you find in watching something you love more than anything else on this earth grow up, mature, make mistakes, dream big, succeed and navigate this funny, funny thing we call life.

It's a little bit of a marvel..pee running down my legs and all.

Strehle children, sometimes I want to poke my own eyes out with a red hot fire poker.. but mostly I love you more than you will ever know.


Renee Breen said…
Oh Amber I love your writing and can relate about the pee down the leg thing! LOL

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