John Edwards & justice (I'm not joking either)

(Missed my 5 faithful is out and hopefully I'm back)

(when I asked the Strehle kiddos what their idea of justice was..they said Batman. "Lawless justice is the best kind.")

The other day I was talking to a friend on the phone.  She was telling me a story about a mean and nasty type person.. she said something along the lines of... "I just don't understand how she has gone on for so long being so awful.. how can someone ruin so many lives but yet seemingly go along just fine."

While she was talking about mean nasty lady, I could not help but think of former presidential candidate John Edwards.. In my mind I can't possible imagine why his decisions have not caught up with him yet.  I thought about all the types of punishments I believe he deserves...

It made me think about justice, how at times life can seem unfair in our narcissistic minds.. because really we want the type of justice that makes US feel better.

When that jerk of a driver passes you on a corner endangering the life of all passengers in the smoking hot mini-van I immediately think.. "oh I sure hope there is a cop around that next corner, he will get it!" (which there is NEVER EVER EVER a cop around that next corner for the record) (but they are always around the corner when I'm talking on my cell phone)

The fleshly kind of justice.  The kind of justice that best suits ME.  It makes ME feel better.

I'm not going to lie, I wanted John Edwards to be a lonely prisoners girlfriend in jail.. like real bad.

This kind of justice can be problematic and a bit scary... It puts me in the position of judge..

If that is how justice is meant to be served... it would have to go both ways.. for us and well.. against us..

(flashback with me for a minute)

My sophomore year at SHS (go Turks!) there was a boy that really really really bugged me... like so bad.  At that time in my life I just may have had a bit of a mouth on me (insert shocked look here).  This particular boy would not be quiet, ever.  It disrupted the entire class, frustrated the teacher and we would all end up paying the consequences.  So one day I decided to be the judge..

Me standing in front of the entire class (I just might have liked an audience).

"Jack!" I said loudly.. (names have been changed to protect the identity of all persons involved..mostly me)

No repsonse.. he kept talking.

"Jack!" a little bit more forceful now..



Jack looks up.

"I have a question for you, did your mother drop you on your head as an infant?? Because seriously I think there must be something wrong with you."

Jack then proceeds to break down into tears and runs out of the room.. did I mention he was a senior.. like an 18 year old man crying and running..

Turns out Jack did have a bit of brain damage.. (although not from his mother dropping him..for the record)

I'm pretty sure that day Jack wished Batman would swoop in and take me out. I don't blame him a bit.
(actually as long as it was the Christian Bale batman I would be down with that)

Because as it turns out, at one time or another in our lives we should have ALL been on the receiving end of some type justice.. I mean in the go to jail, get detention for asking a guy if he was dropped on his head or have that cop waiting around the corner type of way..

Jerry Sandusky was found guilty, he may die in jail, but does that erase the pain of his victims?

John Edwards gets to sleep in the {very cozy} bed he sharED with the woman he betrayed.. but honestly would it have made me feel tons better if he was found guilty and had to serve time? Maybe for a minute..

And then there is 16 yr old me.. The mean girl I could and can still be.. if Jack saw the stretch marks from birthing twin boys at a young age of 21 gave me.. well you can bet your last dollar he would think justice truly has been served.


Random Thoughts said…
I too often long for every offense to be made right. But that belongs to God. And way too often I get stuff entirely wrong. And then there's all the stuff I learn from suffering...very well written.
GardenGirl said…
Were you listening to us in our kitchen last night? We had this same conversation sort of! Ok, no Batman references. But, I really struggle with this one!

Then I'm reminded that Jesus was led like a lamb to the slaughter, didn't say a word, (though sinless) and then...asked His Father to forgive them cause they didn't know what they were doing.

I will never get it.

And for today. That's ok. Tomorrow? May long to call Batman. ;)
Valerie said…
It's hard to remember, but there really is Karma. What goes around does indeed come around... not always in the time frame we wish it would, but it does. If we are lucky enough, we just might get to see it in action. Remember though, Karma is for everyone, so mind yourselves and be kind.
Sheila said…
Fantastic post. Yep, there is only one Judge and He will have the last word. It is comforting to rest in that.
There is good and bad karma. Choose which side you want and it will come back to you. Karma goes around and it will hit you when you less expect it.

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