The List..

Facebook Status update on June 1st.

"Dear Friends, I seemed to have lost the entire month of May.  If you see it laying around could you please return it?"

Seriously where did it go?  Well I know all 5 of my readers are anxiously awaiting a recap of May through the lenses of a slightly neurotic.. not so slightly narcissistic blogger.. so here ya go.

10. In May I saw lots of things that deeply disturbed me..

A. Zombie guy.. What the @#$%@#$%????????  Freaked me out.

B. John Edwards trial... Sociopath.

C. Anything on the show America's got Talent... (which should really be called.. "Wow.. your Mother should have been more honest with you") (as in.."Don't do suck at it.") (Although after the Twins tried out for the musical they said, "Mom, how come you never told us we couldn't sing?)(they are not very good singers.. but they are so dang cute!)

Here is a fine example of America's top talent....for reals.. My Birthday boys!!! (with their childhood bestie..all grown up)

9. Twins and May.. They turned 15 last month and preformed in their first ever High School Musical.  We are just so dang proud of those boys!

8.  Onto a much deeper and super important subject..


All I can say is WOW.  I'm the girl that ruins her nails before she even makes it out of the salon.  I'm also the girl that has her hands in all things that girls with pretty nails never have their hands in. (wow..that was a mouthful) Therefore I'm the girl that never has her nails done.

Koala diorama project with the 9yr old that includes glue guns and acrylic paints?

Husband invites 3 families over for a last minute BBQ and you stand at the kitchen sink for hours afterwards cleaning up?

Dandelions and buttercup have taken over your precious Phlox and Dahlia bed?

Check, check and double check.  Nails still pretty.  Amazing.

7.  Watching your child fail is hard.
Failure is a part of life (see #10.c).  Failure builds a certain character in us.. it teaches us empathy, humbleness and grace. Failure makes us to appreciate our success so much more.  Depending on your personality or drive it makes you work even harder. Sexiest jogger in all the land husband said,

"Amber.. it's time to use the Jordan speech."

"huh?" was my super intelligent and very sexy reply.

"Michael Jordan did not make Varsity his sophomore year..he was crushed..came home cried, then DOMINATED the court that year.."

The speech worked... until the child asked.. "Mom, who is Michael Jordan?"

(just joking) (about the Michael Jordan part) (not the failure part)

6. Ego (s)
I'm just so so tired of them.   The bummer part of when I tire of something is I have zero tolerance for it.  I'm done.  When I get to this point it's never really good... because I get mean.  It never ends well.

5.  School is almost out. #ThankyouLordJesus

4. My girl is moving up to Middle School. There is this funny little mix of excitement and fear when it comes to Middle School.. I'm just hoping we can keep the crush on the Beibster going for as long as possible.

3.  It seems like there has just been too much sadness in the world lately.  My soul is weary and raw.

2. Pictures you don't really want to see but I'm going to show you anyways.. (I love my iphone).

This is the smile of a girl who just hit a triple!

We had the most perfect Mothers Day.. Sun, chinese food, beach, clean car and champagne..pretty sure it does not get much better than that.

My sweet boy and his art piece at Night of the Arts!

A late night reminder via my tea bag (and truthfully I'm pretty sure God arranged that one)

A happy site here at Roosevelt House!

What do we do when it's pouring down rain here in Washington?? Why we jump on the trampoline of course!


1.  Mommy Monday posts. I'm a little speechless about them.  (I'm writing in a whisper)  Here are just a few of my most favorite moments...

"We are all terminal" Patty speaking about looking at life through the lens of a leukemia diagnoses.

The poem "Welcome to Holland" that Brooke shared.  If you think about it, we all have these preconceived notions about parenting.. and mostly it never turns out as expected.

Maura Raney's story unexpectedly taught me the dangers of pride.

Melanie's story.. well kinda all of it...

One of the best parts of MM is watching all the love that is poured out on these ladies after the post.. the ripple effect always surprises me.

A friend said to me last weekend... "Amber, have you ever thought about how maybe when you write it really is not for you at all.. but for others.."

How about that.. takes the wind right out of my narcissistic self..but in a perfectly beautiful my life is not my own sort of way.

Love this life, love this space, love my peeps.


Valerie said…
Fabulous and heartwarming, as always. XO
GardenGirl said…
Thank you friend. Just back from Spokane. Never more exhausted, I needed your 10 tonight...sweetness <3
SeaWorthy said…
seriously..loved it! your so frickin awesome...

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