Uniquely American.. Neil!

Gosh golly do I love this country... for reals.

When you bring this country back to it's brass tacks you have a country that was founded on the idea of freedom.  A group of STRONG like minded individuals that believed so passionately in freedom they left everything behind.. EVERYTHING to begin a way of life so radical, so different it started a war and changed the way the world saw democracy and freedom from then on.. crazy thought.

The spirit of Americans is both maddening and inspiring at the same time.  Much like our peer to peer relationships we are all different, we view politics, family, religion, money through different lenses.. our own lenses.. our God given lenses.  This, just like the colorful landscape that makes us all different makes our country just as different and beautiful.  While at times I want to punch a person in the face for making his/her obnoxious political statements, I am at the same time so grateful that he/she is able to make those obnoxious political statements to begin with.

So many of the very things that make us crazy about this country is also what makes this country so dang great..  Football, New York City, Rednecks, Blue State vs. Red State, McDonalds, Big Business, Jersey Shore, Academia, Womens rights, Freedom of Religion, Right to bear arms, Soccer Moms, Deep fried anything.. the honest goodness idea that we can grow up to be anything we want to be.. even if it's a wife beater wearing, country music listening, beer drinking, big truck driving, mullet sportin', living in a double wide.. life.. it's good and it's free.

We are a beautiful people, made of up of all sorts, sizes, beliefs and views.. it's a little bit of American magic.

I'm deeply, honestly grateful to be an American... corn dogs, county fairs, cheeseburgers, bootie shorts, shopping malls, Neil Diamond and all.


Charity Watts said…
Amen sister! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
elaine said…
ditto what Charity said right there

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