Grateful for the details (little things)

One of the best details.. a moment with this guy

The devil is in the details..

but I would say, rather, that God can be found there too.

Sometimes when we when look at the big picture, it gets a little overwhelming.. we have this natural tendency to move from one big event to the next.. but what about the quiet life of details?

The beautiful little moments our Maker puts in our path.. it's almost like we have to will ourselves to see them.. so fleeting, so small, so undemanding of our attention that we often pass them by. I think there is much to be learned and seen in those magical little moments, I guess I just need to open my eyes, breath a little deep and choose to see what is often right before my eyes.

A few beautiful details.. (in my world anyways)

-The smell of a new book

-Warm, yellowy, diffused winter light in here Washington

-The rainbow of colors found on the ground in the form of fallen leaves.. such a picture of how much beauty loss can be in our lives and how a new beginning is always around the corner.

-The feeling of accomplishment when I cross a task off of my to-do list.. even an easy one.

-A warm fire

-An unexpected pink, fluffy cloud sunset set against a bright blue sky.

-Being complimented (also doubles as a reminder of the power of our words)

-A clean kitchen floor

-Laughter with my children


-New friendships that feel old

-A sick day.. that forces you to regroup and cuddle with your sweet baby boy on the sofa.

-Seeing the first house with Christmas lights up.

-My vintage "Happy Thanksgiving" banner I bought so many years ago.. I love that thing and it makes me crave a kitchen full of laughter, food, loved ones and chaos.. gosh dang do I love me Thanksgiving.

-My dormant garden.. just teeming with the possibility of next years harvest.

Dear reader look around today, find that small beautiful gift of the normally unnoticed your Maker put in your path.  They are mostly free and right within our reach.. just begging for the recognition they so deserve.


Mary said…
Thank you Amber, for helping me to remember to stop and enjoy what I have right in front of me. You ae such a blessing!!!

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