Waking up

Where it began.

I think I've been slowly unraveling for a long time.

Some people call it middle age.

I call it waking up.

Facing ugly little lies that women seemingly buy in bulk.

Measuring self-worth in "Likes"

Impossible air brushed standards for our bodies.

The love of a spouse measured in carats.

Parenting for reflective glory.

Holding onto that job, because being "just a Mom" isn't enough.

Erasing the lines of wisdom from our very faces, because we feel shame when faced with age.

Like this whole idea that maybe when you were created there was some kind of cosmic mistake.

We are our own oppressor. 

Because all we can think about is fixing what is not really broken, looking for validation in everything except the things that actually matter, finding something to fill that void of emptiness that comes from filling your beautiful soul with LIES.

You are enough. 

500 likes or Zero likes 

You are enough.

Stretch marks or a banging body.

You are enough.

Kids that embarrass you on the basketball court or Kobe Bryant.

You are enough.

Never enough money or not a care in the world.

You are enough.

PTO president or CEO

You are enough.

"You are loved with an everlasting love."

You are enough.

Know yourself.

Speak for yourself.

You are beautiful, just the way God created you to be.

Don't believe the lies.

You are enough.

(a very heartfelt thank you for your kind welcome back comments.) 

(I do love all you so)


Valerie Norris said…
You are spot on! I love getting older because with age, truly comes wisdom. XO
Lisa McElliott said…
sigh....thank you!

As always, well said!

xox Glad
Charity Watts said…
I miss you Amber Strehle!!!!!!

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