Blogging, Mona and some time away..

I started blogging a 3 years ago today..CRAZY!!
When I first started I was embarrassed..I mean who was going to read this? Who cared? Was I being narcissistic?? You can read all about those thoughts here and here. Fast forward to this past weekend, I was invited to a party..kinda of a invite only just for cool bloggers type party..although I'm not sure everyone there blogged..but it was invite only..and most everyone there was cool..or maybe I was the only cool one..wait where was I? Party.. so I'm at this party and I'm sitting in a room with 10ish blogger type women. All the women in the room knew what blogging was, and did not think it was weird.
Do you ever get that look? You know what I'm talking about right? The look when you tell someone that you blog. First off, if the person has to ask what blogging is then forgetaboutit they will never understand.
If you have to explain too much then it just sounds weird..

"It's kinda like an online journal." I say.


"You know..I write about what I do." I plead.

"Yeah..what is it that you do?"

"Hmm..good question, my husband asks me that often as well."

BUT last Friday was different! The first sweet lady I introduced myself to said,
"Tres Birds!! Oh I've read your blog!" and I'm not over exaggerating my exclamation points this time either..she sounded genuinely excited.
My little blogger heart soared with blogger heart pride. Oh what a night! For many of the women who attended they have all been to blogger parties before, but not me. Here I was for once surrounded by women who "get me". Who I did not have to explain anything to! We laughed, ate (umm every picture I've seen of myself so far on other blogs shows me eating..go figure) swapped junk, got rid of junk, swapped junking stories, and talked about all things bloggy. I can honestly say I came home totally really happy. Like I found some really cool peeps:) A couple of sweet gals Lisa and Isabel came all the way from Oregon, I sure wish they lived closer, I could sooo see myself hanging out with these two funsters. Although they have quite the following so I think I might have to get in line:)

Then on Saturday evening the party continued into downtown Snohomish, many of the fun little shops that occupy main street in my sweet town stayed open late for some Hot Blogust Nights..
It was a super fun evening with shopping, food, drinks and lots of laughing ladies. That night I was able to meet fellow blogger Rene, what a sweet gal! She works with Mary Jane Butters of Mary Jane's Farm fame. We discussed many important our love of this dear sweet gal!!
All the bloggers were asked to make "blogger badges" so people could put faces with names. Here is mine, yes I whipped this bad boy up that day, I had to maneuver my way through moving boxes with a glue gun..luckily no one was harmed in the making of this badge.

The Dish and I started our evening off by stopping by Annie's. It was in this sweet shop that I spotted Mona..Yes I'm suffering from a touch of "post Paris craziness" Yes, I think I deserve a huge (like at least 4 feet tall) framed Mona Lisa with red velvet trim for an early birthday present. Yes I just went down yesterday and purchased her in all her large glory, and yes dear sweet Annie said she would hold Mona till after the move:) It was love at first sight, wild horses couldn't keep me away.

I do want to give Timi a big thank you for putting together such a wonderful event. She was the common denominator for the whole weekend. I overheard someone say she is like the Erma Bombeck of blogging..I think that's pretty spot on:)

Now for the time away part..

In two days I'm moving for the 5th time in two years (yes you heard right). Now I hope (and pray and will be willing to sell my firstborn) that this will be our last move for a while, but because I have boxes that have not been opened in two years I have some serious work to do. AND because I'm the kind of blogger who feels guilt when I have not posted in at least a week I need to warn you I might be gone for a bit. But please don't abandon me, I have serious blogging insecurity and I will soon return with lots of witty things to say about all things moving related and to ask for witnesses at my divorce hearing..just jokin..kinda:)


Lateda said…
Count me a witness for the divorce hearing.. oh wait.. mine, or YOURS? It could be a race to the courthouse! :)
Love yah girl.
Bloggy FUN FUN would not have been the same without you.
Anonymous said…
1) sounds like a perfect evening - why wasn't I invited? I guess I didn't make a good enough impression w/Timi when I met her - I admit...I can be a bit subdued!
2) thx. for the sweet mention
3) my visual sense needs a pic of Mona
4) which firstborn will you be parting with when you moved again...
5) Trish is NOT funny! ...but I love her anyway
Anonymous said…
I'm so excited for your new house! I think you'll make it through the move!! Ellie is only 8 and has lived in 7 places. I feel your
Timi said…
Aaaaaaaaah Thanks for coming!!! I'm so glad you could come to all the party madness.
YOU GOT MONA???? I'm so excited for you! I think you need to bling that bitch up with some glitter and jewels! :-)
I'm so excited that you got Mona, that's a great funky picture.

Happy moving! I'm so happy that you and your family are going to make Snohomish your permanent home.
Barbara said…
It was nice to meet you Saturday! I understand about explaining bogging...I just started and what do you say? There is not a lot on my blog but it is what my life is all about.
Good luck with your move.
I hope to see you again,
I am so behind in visiting my new buddies. I want to say how fun it was meeting you. I do totally "get you" about the whole blogging thing. You were so sweet and welcoming to me and Isabel when we visited. I'm sure we could all get into lots of trouble if we lived closer. Hope we can do this again real soon!


Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm so glad you got the Mona Lisa. If you ever need a traveling buddy to return to Paris, I'm your gal!



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