My blogiversary & a give-away

Happy Birthday to me.. I think I'll have some iced tea..

So last week I was thinking about bloggging..about my blog, your blog and this whole bloggy thing we've got going on here. I was wondering how long I had been blogging so I decided to look back at my first few posts. Turned out my first blog was August 11th 2006. Exactly two years to the day..funny. What was really funny was READING my first post..I mean this is some pretty funny stuff..

"Personally I think that people who blog a lot have too much time on their hands. I have way too many children to spend countless hours taking pictures of my pets and cars, double wide trailers ect.. and posting them on-line. That just smacks of no life."

Yup, that's what I wrote. People who blog have too much time on their hands, ok so once again we can get the grill going and start cooking the crow I'm about to swallow. I think my initial blog post shows great insight as to the way Amber thinks..or how I thought then. It also displayed my ignorance about blogging, I believe this is the way that people who do NOT blog could I have known how much it would ADD to my life. Before I started regularly blogging I had these ideas as to how a blog should look, how well it should read. Therefore when I blogged it took forever, maybe even like a week for me to put together my final post. I wanted perfection nothing less, AND to make matters worse it had to be profound, I mean first class stuff. Blogging was NOT fun this way..not at all, and I did not even tell anyone about the blog so I was all stress for nothing, this meant that I did not post often, it made me too dang anxious.
Then one day it happened..liberation, gone were my ideas as to how smart I needed to sound, how educated on all matters of blogish nature and gone was the need for perfection and depth. I could just be me, this is how I write, just like I would talk to you. Let me tell you how much better it feels, so much freedom. (For the record, I know many must cringe at my grammar/spelling/general NOT proper way of wording sorry)
So now I blog and do so with freedom, without restraints. It has brought much joy to my life. I have built friendships, strenghthened friendships and learned much about myself. My blogging community is important to me and enriches my life daily.
A big bloggy thanks to my community of peeps who actually read this stuff..I owe ya one;)

Give-away..well I said last week, but you know how things go. So here is a sweet little notebook for my give-away. Leave a comment about how you feel about your blog expierence. I will draw on Saturday:) Good Luck!!

the list is coming soon--oh and if you want to read a really good old blog find "Thanks Anthony" it's my fav.


Miss Charity said…
Loooove it, I can just taste that ol' crow right now! How...because I think I eat it every day! LOL...blogging is just plain ol' fun, so thanks a million for introducing me. It didn't take long for me to realize there was now way I could keep up w/ the Blogonauts and Blogebrities of our Blogworld today! Here's to you Ambo-my Blogrambo! Have a great week...oh, and I hope you like the lingo I've adopeted from La~Te~Da...she's so Blogpopular!
johnna said…
I have my game face on......eagle powers..come to me! oh, I mean blogging is rad.
Lori Nelson said…
Happy Anniversary!! So, after following many blogs for many years I bestow a gift to you.... my first comment on a blog goes to Tres Birds!! Since I'm pretty new to writing a blog, not too many experiences to write about except now the pressure is on! Since mine is mostly ministry related I'm still stuck in the "first class" stage so its taking me a while to write each post :-) Thanks for the encouragement tho!
Deb Shirley said…
I am so happy that you blog. (I'm still in the blog stalker stage myself). I love the insight into your life and thoughts on things - it's a fun way to stay in touch across the states.
And in case you were wondering, I don't notice any misspelled words or other mistakes.
Thanks for letting us into your life in this way. Keep up the good work.
Life's Delish said…
yep, i like to blog ... just draw my name!
Wendy Girl said…
If it wasnt for You..
Half of us, wouldnt even know what a blog was.
You have inspired all of us..
I know this because we have all wrote this on your comment wall at least once...
O by the way..Your pictures are getting better and Better...
Loves and Happy Aniversary..
Anonymous said…
I'm sure I would love to blog. Give me a break, I finally got a Facebook page! I do, however, adore the little notebook. Didn't know you were producing in multiples. Pick me, Pick me!!!amy
Lateda said…
It all started with you girlie!
I remember when you first started blogging and thinking you were calling it "blobbing", WHAT?
Now we are all part of the Blogstitute of from Amber the Blogfessor!
Anonymous said…
Sorry I missed the give away! I haven't had time to check ANYTHING! Right now I'm sitting at the Dish's computer catching up a bit.

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